Sea of Thieves

Still concerned about The Eye of Reach.

Sea of Thieves 10 - Still concerned about The Eye of Reach.

I posted about this a few weeks ago after the animation update for the EoR with my fears of a very powerful weapon becoming even more so. I did get a reply from u/sonicbob who said they are monitoring it.

Since then and after an experience I had with my crew last night I still think something needs to change.

Me and my galleon crew attacked a Skull Fort, after getting about half way through two sloops and a brig approached, they were all working together and mostly if not all pirate legends. We managed to hold our own farely well for the first little while, managing to sink each ship atleast once when a to 1 on 1 scenario arose. But a 3v1 was always going to be hopeless.

But whenever we got boarded every one of those players was equipped with sniper/blunder or sniper/sword and firing from the hip with EoR. With the EoR being their primary weapon. It is so hard to fight against if they have any notion of where the centre of the screen is. Im no scrub at PVP myself but increasingly I find before I even see anyone on board Im left with but a nubbin of my health left and then instantly blundered before I can react.


The knock back pushes and stuns you so much it's very difficult to use the cutlass to get back at them, and it takes down so much of your health that healing up isn't quick enough nor does it give you enough health back to survive a hit from any other weapon other than an at range blunder.

More times than not since and even before the animation update this is the load out for the majority of players I've encountered.

I do think something needs to change to bring blanace to the weapons. IMO it should be altered either so you can only fire the EoR while scoped, or it should have a cone of fire while unscoped similar to the blunder and similar to most other snipers in FPS games. Or maybe at the EoR should give recoil and knock back the person firing it if fire from the hip.

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I know there's no honour among thieves but I miss a good cutlass duel with players I would come across. Seems Rare these days.

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