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Stole from a Pirate Legend last night

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I know these tales of plunder are basically all the same but I just thought I would share mine because it involved pirate legends. Basically, my galleon crew came across two sloops and a galleon fighting over a Crows Nest skull fort, which at somepoint became fighting over the skeleton key, and sure enough there are two recently crowned pirate legends (Smackdownbob and Adrioth) on the sexy galleon. We sunk them once with the help of the sloops and I was super hyped to kill one of the legends twice, but soon they came back, wrecked everyone good, and that, so it seemed, was that. Except, for fun, I thought I would hide on the pirate legends' ship, deciding on the crows nest since there were no barrels up there. My plan was to maybe steal a stronghold skull as they were on their way back to Ancient Spire, but I knew I was probably going to die. At this point, they had three people on the island, and they sent one legendary pirate out with the ship by himself to go get the key hiding in the water amongst nearby rocks. Be some divine act, he decided to bring the key up to the crows nest, again by himself on the ship, where I killed him, took the key, swam super far north, hid in a shipwreck, and then got picked up by my friends. We looted the place a good hour later due to fear of the pirate legends, but we ended up with all the booty in the end, and the legends got none. I just needed to share this with y'all because for a brief moment I felt like a legend myself 🙂


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