Sea of Thieves

STOP pushing content and give us POLISH!

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - STOP pushing content and give us POLISH!

This latest patch feels like a big step back for this game for the following reasons:

  • Taking control away from players (cursed cannon balls)
  • Pausing the game to interact with inventory (new barrel UI)

These changes act in opposition to what makes this game fun, namely player interactions and encounters within the environment.

The change we need is polish to what was already there, not more content that adds additional bugs while decreasing game pace and taking players out of the immersion via loss of control.

We need quality of life improvements such as the ability to place cannonballs in the cannonball barrel without having to select them, not an additional menu.

We need reasons to fight skeletons on islands so that they're not just an annoyance, needlessly increasing quest times.

We need increased draw distance so that we can actually see things at the end of the cannon's range, not ammo that will take control of a player's ship or character out of their hands.


The fun of this game is to have pirate adventures and to get rewards for doing cool pirate things. Flags and fleets was a great addition, it added new ways to interact with players. I want more of that, more interaction in positive ways. When I sink a galleon as a sloop, I want that satisfaction in knowing we crewed better, plotted better, and helmed better; I don't want to know I won because the other crew was given a handicap by falling asleep or having their anchor dropped from a distance…I'd rather shoot over and drop it myself, Errol Flynn style.

Give me the ability to put a name on the side of my ship, give me chain shot that shreds opponents sails or grape shot that cuts through crew, instead of ammo that reduces my opponents abilities and cheapens my win.

Read:  Okay so hear me out...

There are forts in the game that currently do not do anything. There are stories to be told with the stunning visuals on the islands.

Focus on what is there, focus on the pirate adventure. Give us control of our characters. Give us fluid game play. Give us stories to tell, not curses to throw.

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