Sea of Thieves

Stop saying the game is dead. It’s really not.

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - Stop saying the game is dead. It's really not.

July, this game had 5 million different logins. You really 100% believe, that even 1% of that isn't playing this game right now? That's 50 thousand people. Most games drop about 80% of their playerbase after the first month. I have yet to see the same gamer tag ever. So no. Its not really dead. Lets assume that only the subreddit still plays and do 10% of the subreddit, thats 10000 people.

What happened to SoT is the map got 20% bigger and everyone is in that 20%. If you arent there you cant see them.

There are 6 ships per server. That's few ships for this map as it is now. It should, probably, be increased to 8.

Because you don't see someone for an hour, doesn't mean no one is there.


Also, if you never, ever, drop your anchor, you will never have a server merge. Drop it more often. I didn't see a ship for a while and the INSTANT my anchor dropped, I merged. This has happened ten times to me. Lots of server merges means there are lots of servers up. The fewer the merges, the fewer the players. 100 servers vs 1000 means you are gonna be changing more often.

It keeps going back to the "This game sucks, in my opinion, so you shouldn't enjoy it" crap I keep seeing on this freaking subreddit. It gets old. Fast.

So how about, if you think its dead, stop screaming it at everyone who talks about this game here and take your negativity elsewhere or stay and make some constructive arguments?

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