Sea of Thieves

Stop the Hate [PVP]

Sea of Thieves 10 - Stop the Hate [PVP]

I'm sure this has been posted in the past, and if it has I'm sorry for rehashing this. This game is a PvPvE game, everyone already knows that. I personally like the PvP aspect more but I occasionally enjoy doing voyages and what not. and I don't mind if PvE is what you mostly like doing. This game is meant to be played how ever you want it to be played.

I'm just tired of seeing people complain about being killed and have there loot stolen or even being killed for no reason. I know this is said a lot but it is just part of the game. It will become boring to everyone eventually if a passive mode were to be implemented. But I hear and see people complain about people hacking… this to me is a myth, i have never seen or even remotely thought anyone I've come across was hacking. but at the rate I see people complain about it, I would think we should see some pretty obvious hackers. I sometimes get called a hacker, but My friend I play with literally gets reported by every single crew we come across because he is just better at PvP. He and I both have clips of him 1v4ing galleons just double shotting their crew of respawn and healing on their bananas. (and for anyone who says people use macros to double shot, stop… its not a macro… it's literally just left-click, press 1 or 2, and left-click… not that mechanically impressive although you do need aim). but its ridiculous hearing how much he gets reported for no reason other than killing and sinking a crew… No where does anything say this isn't allowed in the game.

If you don't like PvP be more aware and always ready to run i guess. (if your'e a solo sloop then it sucks but try to be more stealthy i guess). just because you have bad situational awareness and aren't spotting ships coming your way in time, dont blame them… you can see a ship from islands away and if you think they are coming your direction, just leave that island and go back to it later.

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This is now becoming a rant and my thoughts my be coming off a bit scattered so I apologize. I also don't mean for this to be a "git gud" post if it seems like it is. all I'm trying to say is stop blaming hacks and macros and toxic people. people who want to PvP are just more competitive people by nature and for this game to stay alive and continue to improve it needs both its player bases. I used to go on forums and see people have good ideas, some bad but now more than half the posts are whining about being sunk by PvP and the other half is about the kraken and other PvE danger. I'm not the best at the game by any means but I am 100% not lying when i say I've never lost a loot haul in this game. the 3 times our ship sunk we made sure we had a rowboat and then one or two people stay back with the loot while the other crew members sail with a fresh ship. the only loot we've "lost" was a patch or two ago when you couldnt see the loot floating up from skelly ships and one time server migrate before getting it.

But 9/10 times if you lose your loot its on you and your crew. the other 1/10 times is game just being cruel like dual skelly ship one with weary and other with jigballs and you get unlucky. but if you sink and lose loot or anything of the sort, its on you and instead of placing blame on a game mechanic or whatever, have some self reflection and try and learn what you could have done differently to avoid it. I make mistakes, my crew makes mistakes but when something goes wrong we blame ourselves and discuss what we could have done differently and then we learn and get better.

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Also just to add, out of other games communities this is actually one of the least "toxic" communities at least I've come across. maybe I'm just lucky.

So for anyone still reading, thanks for reading this stupid rant. If you agree with me, cool, if not.. also cool but let me know why you think I'm wrong and maybe we can have a productive dialogue about it.

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