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Story from a new player about 2 excellent boys

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Last night, I started playing the game and I got to level 5 in the Gold Hoarders and Order of Skulls, but completely neglected to do merchant missions, so I went and got a mission from them. I just had to get 2 white chickens and turn them in at Golden Sands Outpost.

So, I head out from Sanctuary Outpost to Cannon Cove to look for some chickens. Everything went smoothly until I came up to Golden Sands outpost: Out of my spyglass I saw a sloop going in the same direction I was, but they were in front of me. I went into a frenzied panic as I tried to keep track of what they were doing and parking myself at the dock. I saw them going towards and park at the main dock of the island, so I decided it'd be in my best interest to park on the other side. However, my actions were too slow, and I ended up parking by ramming my ship into the dock. I fixed it, grabbed my chickens, and continued on.


My panic landed me in an awkward situation. I never accounted for the fact that to turn in my chickens I would have to go to their side of the island to get to the npc. So, I did just that. With the first chicken I noticed that it it was a 2 person sloop and that one of them took out their sword when the saw me, but we both reacted to seeing each other by backpedaling, and me circling around them so that I could walk along the dock to turn in chicken 1. I then run back to my ship to grab chicken 2, and as I grabbed it and turned around I saw that both of them had followed me and brought a Captain's Chest and a Hateful Skull. I ignored their gestures and continued on to the merchant to turn in the chicken. Once again, they followed me and brought another skull, and led me to the tent to turn it in.

Read:  To the AFK on our Galleon this morning..Thank you so much.

We followed this up with banana giving, plank giving, and instrument playing. Eventually we found ourselves in the tavern playing instruments, which opened up the floor. We went underneath, to find a waterfall that they went through, but that I couldn't.

Later i watched their ship sail away. God speed boys.

tl;dr: Met 2 players at an outpost that gave me some handouts.

Also, I mainly wrote about this encounter because I wanted to ask if the community tends to be like this, or if the majority of players are relentless pvpers and that I just encountered the fringe minority. So, far people have tended to ignore me if I ignore them.

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