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Story Time

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So last night me and a couple friends loaded up a brig, and set out on an Athena's quest. We sailed for a bit, got some animals and chests, and basically started off normal. We even helped our pirate legend friend get just enough gold to get his ghost ship hull. Unfortunately he couldn't finish the rest of the quest with us and had to sign off. So my other friend and I were left to finish it.

We did it relatively quickly, took about an hour and a half to collect the rest of the chapter 1 loot, and get to the Athena's chest. Everything more or less goes on without a hitch, and we even had some good discussion, specifically how PVP is really hard to practice in this game. You either are thrust into a PVP situation, or try to chase people down, but neither are consistent in being able to become a better PVP player.

So we turn in for the session, are checking out stuff in the shop, shooting the shit, getting ready to log off when I hear this: "DUDE, GALLY JUST DOCKED ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND, THEY ARE TURNING IN!"

My heart jumped into my throat, as I was mid purchase, and I turn to see 3 pirates all holding loot about to turn in their well earned profits. Enter my friend who unleashes a volly of sword swings, and pistol fire. I immediately follow suit, cleaning up the last pirate and begin turning in their loot. "GET ON THEIR SHIP, LETS SINK THEM".


We immediately board their self-anchored ship and set up for their respawn. It's nothing but slaughter. Bananas are eaten, swords are swung, and yet somehow this group of 4 pirates could not for the life of them gain control of the situation from a 2 man brig crew. We search high and low for their loot and any gunpowder barrels. No barrels, and only a few disgraced skulls, a couple of maurader's chests and a few sugar crates. Pretty meh loot in the grand scheme of things, but it's ours now. And we've taken it all.

They kill my buddy, but I manage to stay alive long enough to distract and continuously kill off the other crew. Mind you I'm an xbox player, so I'm shocked that I'm managing so well.

My buddy brings our brig back around and begins unloading on their ship, but unfortunately by this time, I've been cornered and killed off. By the time I load back in my friend and I are hooting and hollering, mocking the other crew and just having a grand old time. The ship chase is on. We've taken their loot, now we want their ship. After 2 minutes of cat and mouse baiting, we decide to end the fight on our terms. We place 2 gun poweder barrels on the edge of our bowsprit, each grab a gunpowder barrel and prep for a ram. I don't know why they decided to anchor themselves in the middle of this fight, but they left themselves open for a massive ram attack. We set off all our gunpowder barrels, kill all of them and ourselves, sinking just about everyone.

We load back in and find ourselves back at the same outpost where it all started, still laughing and chuckling about our devious pirating. Right before we sign off my friend turns to me and goes "Well, at least we got to practice some PVP."

The end. Thanks for reading.

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