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Story Time: Santiago’s Bucket

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So there I was, sittin about in my sloop, completely alone because none of my friends can afford Sea of Thieves. I decided, "y'know, the event's for a limited time only. I should take on the skeletons solo." (big mistake, don't recommend it.) So I sailed to a spot east of Marauder's Arch when the skeleton crews made their appearances (two ships at once. Also, bravo to Rare on the raw spectacle of seeing a ship breach the water like that. Applause.) I set the ship to sail in a circle and begin firing. I get plenty of good hits in, but the things just won't go down. Shot after shot, they won't sink. I can't repair my ship fast enough, so I begin bailing. Bailing and bailing and bailing… but then I remember.


Pop quiz, what does a solo sloop with almost no experience have that two galleons full of undead pirates don't? Starts with b, ends in t, that's right: my trusty bucket. I decide to bail seawater onto the skeleton ships whenever I can – the ships tried to cut me off many times – and, while this seemed like something of a strategy, I accepted that there was no beating the bony belligerents that had beaten me black and blue.Until a ship sank.

I saw it, with my own two eyes. I had flooded the ship. Soon, the other went down. I celebrated… but then two more rose from the waves. That's fine. Perfect. I love it.

I sunk one more with this bucket strategy, without a single canonball, before the ferryman took my dear ship to harbor. The last enemy sailed into the sunset/rise (checking the compass slipped my mind), and I alt+f4'd because the ping was driving me insane.

TL;DR: Skeleton ships can't beat a man with a sturdy bucket.

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