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Storytime – An Unexpected Alliance and A Legendary Voyage

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So, I've had numerous bad experiences with lousy people who are just simply jerks in this game. This is a story of one of the few and by far the greatest experience I've had with other random pirates.

I had been sailing with a buddy of mine all day long and he had just been pulled away from the game for some irl stuff. I was at an outpost stocking up my sloop on everything that island had to offer since we had run ourselves dry on nearly everything save the cannon balls. I turn around with the final round of supplies and see a Galleons sails overcoming my tiny sloop and think to myself 'Great, now I'm going to lose everything.' But to my surprise, the folks on the Galleon didn't blast my sloop to splinters and put a lead ball in my chest but rather invited me to their Alliance!

Excited at the prospects of being in this unexpected alliance I plugged in my mic and we started coordinating. They wanted to hunt skeleton crews in the Ancient Shores. So I donned the sails and joined their alliance. In the spirit of teamwork I gave them nearly all of my cannon balls and wood planks and bananas so that they were nearly fully stocked. We sailed off to meet our undead foe on the waves and upon arriving we saw a Brigantine on the horizon sailing towards us. We both prepared our ships to fight them, but upon nearing us they called out asking to join the fight against our common enemy.

Now with three ships, we summoned the skeleton ships. This being my first experience in an alliance and my first time fighting skeleton crews I was awestruck at the sight of the wretched ship shooting out the depths. I saw that my sloop wouldn't be of any use in this fight, since I was the only one aboard, so I promptly abandoned my long time vessel and let it sink to the depths for the first time all day. I joined the Brig and acted as their repairman keeping their ship empty of water and patching holes as fast as they were made.


After we finally destroyed all eight of the ships and evaded the megalodon's toothy maw we returned to an outpost and turned in all our loot. I had acquired somewhere near 4,000 gold from the encounter and got the commendation for the Bilge Rats and 20 doubloons. With those doubloons I got myself another 10,000 gold and was plenty happy with how this encounter turned out.

As we celebrated in the tavern with song and grog I heard them begin to play a song I'd never heard before. I turn over and suddenly the ground lights up and breaks away revealing a hidden passage below the tavern. I follow them into the passage way until we reach a waterfall. Unfortunately I was unable to pass through, but the sight of the thing inspired me to become the legend necessary to pass through that water.

When they emerged one of them boarded my newly acquired sloop and gave me a voyage the likes I've never seen. A legendary voyage. I was overjoyed at the prospect. They explained to me what would happen, how when completed that I would be given a legendary chest and that I would need to sell it to the mysterious stranger in the taverns and that Athena would see my contribution. So away I sailed, even though the day had been long, and I was feeling tired, the idea of this voyage filled me with renewed vigor.

As I sailed on this voyage another friend of mine joined me. Together we performed the voyage and slowly chipped away at it. Despite numerous encounters that threatened to deter us from our prize, including a Brigantine that mercilessly pursued us. I managed to board their ship and slay the scoundrels aboard with my cutlass. To their demise they stored their gunpowder barrels in their crows nest which I then lit and dropped onto their deck. I watched joyfully as their Brig sank and we pursued the final chest, the chest of legends.

Turning it in yielded us nearly 3,000 gold, the most valuable item I've seen yet. At the end of the day I earned myself around 32,000 gold and acquired nearly six new commendations from both the Cursed Sails and the exploding skeletons. It was a good day on the sea of thieves.

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