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[Storytime] The Iron Fleets’ photoshoot went different than expected…

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It all started with the idea of getting a photo shot of our Senior Officers for our overworked recruitment thread. The thing is that we are 5 Senior Officers, which means we needed to get more than one ship on the same server.

So we set up a date and our Junior Officer Landro, and I met up two hours earlier to try and convince another ship to leave their vessel to us. After we got the first sloop to invite Landro we narrowily escaped the Kraken that eventually went for a Galleon doing an Athena's Fortune voyage . Luckily we got another Junior Officer, Ticklish Tim to join our session and we managed to steal "forcefully purchase" the AF-Galleon.

While sailing the new Galleon to Smuggler's Bay Tim, another Senior Blackbeard Lufy and I managed to recruit another Sloop near Smuggler's Bay. The owner of said Sloop was very spooked out by the 3 ships chasing him, but we eventually managed to get him on game chat and we rewarded him richly for leaving his sloop to us.

At this point our fleet of four ships moved down to Sanctuary Outpost to get the proper Iron Fleet ship customizations equipped (which is the Sovereign set).

This is when the rest of our members and Officers joined in! A fifth duo Galleon must have seen a fleet gathering near Sanctuary Outpost and decided to investigate. We persuaded them to hand over their ship, making five ships our final tally. We all sailed to Smuggler's Bay. It took ages to get us all set up for the photoshoot, especially with all the rivalries of Fleet members shooting at each otherwhere.

After almost 5 hours of gathering ships, finiding loot to convice other crews and getting Members and Officers online THIS
is the result of the photoshoot!


The Iron Fleet's gathering at Smuggler's Bay

At this point I want to thank Landro, and all other members that helped getting all these ships together.
Special thanks go to matt9418revenge and his girlfriend who were bedazzled by the Legend Hideout, NewbieGamer97, the Athena's Fortune Crew that kept attacking us, Aar0n84, our kind soloslooper, that got jumpscared by 3 ships chasing him at the same time, Quillmaster and his friend, the jolly duo that were intrigued by the gathering at Sanctuary Outpost and decided to move their galleon over and were eventually kind enough to leave the whole Galleon to us, so more members could join.

The whole thing was an awesome, unique experience which resultet in a nightly adventure I, and all of the participents will propably never forget. Thank you Rare for giving us the chance to experience this.

In the end we got our Shot of all Senior Officers and our dear Admiral, Prince.

If you want to join the Iron Fleet you can do so by writing an Application in our Recruitment Thread and joining our Discord Server.


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