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Sea of Thieves 2 - Storytime!

So me and my buddy decided we were going to try to grind out some reputation levels as we are getting pretty close to pirate legend. We decided to head to Morrow's Peak Outpost to get some devils roar voyages. We stop at an inactive stronghold to stock up on supplies, we left it with lots of materials and around 9 gunpowder kegs. We make it to Morrow's Peak and I pick up 2 OOS bounties and a GH voyage. We put down one of the OOS bounties and it says 3 captains on Ruby's Fall and one on Ashen Reaches. We head to Ruby's fall and kill the 3 captains and head off towards Ashen Reaches. We get there and the volcano starts erupting so we move away from the island again until it finished erupting, we killed the captain after some difficulty because the volcano started erupting 2 more times and the skeletons on the island kept shooting our ship. When we finally finished the bounty we had to leave in a hurry because the volcano erupted yet another time. We start heading back to Morrow's Peak to sell the loot we had. We had 3 ashen villainous skulls and an ashen hateful skull. Then the purple Megalodon spawns so we put the sails up and start fighting it, keeping in mine we are still in range of the erupting volcano. We didn't even get a chance to shoot off one cannonball and a skeleton ship spawns. So here we are, in a sloop slowly spinning around while getting pelted by a skeleton ship, fighting a meg, and getting pelted by the erupting volcano and then of course the skeletons on the island spawned and started sniping us like they do with their crazy cannon shots. It was looking pretty tough. I was up on deck shooting cannonballs off and my buddy was below deck constantly repairing and bailing. I go up to the Crows nest and grab a powder keg and got aboard the skeleton ship and blew it up. I respawned and continued laying into the skeleton ship. There was a point where the skeleton ship was on our right side, touching our ship, and then the Megalodon bit down on the other side. Normally the ship would get pushed away but the skeleton ship was in the way so we just went completely horizontal. And when I mean completely horizontal I mean it. The mast went completely on the water and I was walking on the wall as I went down to grab bananas. I finally managed to sink the skeleton ship after about 20 minutes. The volcano had stopped erupting at this point and things were looking up after the most intense pirating moment of my life. The Megalodon went down soon after as it was just the Megalodon at this point (the skeletons on the island were helping a little also shooting out a cannon at the meg instead of us every now and again. We gathered all the loot (it was like 5 things from the ships and 4 from the Megalodon). We then actually started towards Morrow's peak finally breaking away from ashen reaches reach. We then see a flash of green in the sky, someone finished a skeleton fort. I say to my buddy "we can go take their stuff. We've gone through hell and we did it we can do it." I turn course to where we seen the skull disappear. We are heading towards it and the water goes black. Kraken. We put the sails up and start a slow spin, my buddy goes below deck ready on repairs and I'm on the cannons again blasting away at the kraken. He sucks me off the ship at one point and I somehow manage to shoot the bottom of the tentacle with my pistol and he drops me in the water. I swim back and after about 5-10 minutes the kraken is slain. We grab the loot and at this point after sailing northeast for a bit ancient spire outpost was the closest. We assumed by this time the people who did the stronghold had all the stuff and was on their way to selling it all. So we decided just to head to an outpost and just sell what we have. We were sitting on 8 gunpowder kegs, 20ish planks (from 70) And 40 cannonballs (from 120). We see ancient spire on the horizon and we see a sloop also heading for ancient spire. I say to my buddy "we can take these guys, don't shoot first but if they come at us we lay them to fu*k out." We pull up close to them and there's kind of an awkward stare at eachother, waiting to see what the other will do. Then I hear something in the water behind me. One of the other guys swam over to our boat and then as he climbed aboard the other sloop started shooting cannonballs. I quickly disposed of the guy who boarded us and we went to work. I'm on the cannons, and my buddy is below on repairs, it's worked for everything else so why change it. I start firing back at them and from them hitting us with cannons it pushed us in a position where they could only hit the back of our boat. My buddy climbs our Crows nest and grabs a keg. Jumps off and sets it off on them, killing himself in the process. The both of the other crew are below deck dealing with the damage and water while I'm still hitting them with the cannons. My buddy respawns and he says "look one is climbing the mast. He's probably gonna grab a keg." I see this and as he gets to the top and goes the grab a keg a shoot a cannonball at the crows nest. Direct hit. The explosion is massive and we say that it must have had alot of kegs up there. My buddy is swimming towards their boat with another keg and hits them from the water with it at the same moment I hit the Crows nest. The boat sinks and it turns out the explosions killed them both, turns out the explosion was so big because it was the stronghold powder keg. These were the guys who did the stronghold and all the loot was in the water. We start picking it up and a brigantine pulls up alongside of us so I run up to the crows nest and bring down a powder keg and put it near the map table just in case. We only had 5 cannonballs left so we really couldn't fight them. Then they started shooting us with their cannons. We just manage to grab everything out of the water and we leave ancient spire outpost. My buddy is still back in the water and I'm off. Then all of a sudden an explosion kills me. The gunpowder keg I brought down, they hit it. We go into panic. We have so much loot at this point and the sloop is sinking with nobody on it. My buddy gets killed by the people back at ancient spire and I am also dead. I respawn, I'm on the loading screen and I hear I'm still on the boat, it's still afloat. I'm ready to get the bucket out and start bailing as if my life depended on it. Turns out the keg being in the back meant all the holes were on the back, and on the sloop that's mid deck so the water was only up a little bit. Two buckets and the water was gone. We head for galleons grave outpost and after some hesitation because there was a galleon passing by we got to galleons grave and sold everything. We had the stuff from the OOS bounty, the skeleton galleon, the Megalodon, the kraken, and all the stronghold loot apart from the gunpowder keg because I blew it up with a cannonball. We sold it all and got 48,000 gold. Looking at our ship before we got off the entire outside was just absolutely riddled with holes and scratches you couldn't even tell we had the ocean crawler hull on it because it was just all scratched to shit. It was a successful session.

Read:  Rare - PvP should end when a ship is sunk, not from attrition resulting from endless battles.

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