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Stream info nuggets for 13/12/18 stream

Sea of Thieves 1 - Stream info nuggets for 13/12/18 stream

I made one of these last week and it was received pretty warmly, so i figured i would do it again! These streams tend to have good little nuggets of info on whats currently being worked on.

Disclaimer, I was doing this last night for over an hour and then safari decided to delete it all, so forgive any errors or extreme paraphrasing.

Here is the link to the video, I will timestamp where I can

Gothalion speaks about Arena and shares his excitement and Joe follows up by saying (6:50):

We've been playtesting that this week, and its unique and very cool.

Mike follows by saying:

I've just straight out of a review of arena…and with arena we are bringing a few other features that enrich arena and adventure…I had a little giddy moment, i'm so stoked to get that into players hand, it going to be absolutely awesome.

  • I want to add how fu*kin buzzed Mike sounds here.

Joe asks:

Things that add a bit more depth and strategy to it right?

Mike answers:

Yeh absolutely just that kind of combat experience…and making it feel more dynamic and interesting so that it enriches Arena and Adventure.

  • This segment adds more fuel to the fire that combat improvements are to be released alongside Arena, although it is vague and suggests the combat is going to become deeper and more dynamic, its hard to tell exactly what they are talking about, as this could happen in a number of ways (more weapons, alterations to current weapons, changes to the combat system etc etc). Though later in the stream they allow us to eliminate some of these possibilities…

Gothalion then asks (17:15):

Is the plan post-arena to keep up that cadence of tick tok updates to the game with content and stuff?

They all chuckle about the forwardness of the question.

  • There is a long reply here so i'm going to try and trim it down to the important bits, but its a really funny segment and id recommend you watch it.

Joe says (18:35):

We're right in the middle of figuring out how to talk about whats coming next, because we've spoken about arena which we spun up a team for a while ago. But we've also had teams working on different things, but how and when we bring that stuff is all very much… But we're just as excited going into Christmas this year as we were last year before launch.

But knowing the stuff we've got going on in the studio in terms of enriching the quest system, enriching the world itself and things you can do, plus the mechanics that are there to enrich arena and adventure that adds new depth and strategy… we're building up to something special, without talking specifics.

Mike takes over:

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What we're working on next, is a bit more fundamental, like arena is one of things we've announced which is a new way to play, but there's things around the quest system which not only introduces a lot more for that part of the game but serves as a platform for that kind of thing.

He gushes, and continues:

Im walking around the office so much at the moment and seeing screens and reviewing them and I ask myself, if players saw what we were working on they would be so excited about the future of SoT, im so stoked to get back in the new year and make it all happen.

  • Again, Mike is fu*kin buzzed.

At 39:50, the team is asked if they are adding new weapon types or weapon diversity, melee or guns.

Mike answers:

Absolutely would like to do that, the focus for us right now is improving that core combat experience, whether its player or ship and increasing your options there. In the future, yes i can see us adding more weapons types -Especially as we update arena-, but right now we just want to improve that foundation.

  • So when I said earlier that we could help eliminate possibilities of what else is being added in arena, here it is. This tells me that no player weapons are being added in arena, but ship weapons may be. This conjecture comes from my previous post, which alludes to some more ship weaponry.

  • It also tells us that they are changing the combat fundamentally. This could mean a number of things, a refinement of how the sword works? A refinement of how the guns work? Additional sword combat options? (A parry has been requested a fair bit). Combat re-work is something that people have consistently asked for since launch (myself included), so the fact that this seems to point towards that, is awesome.

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47:40 – Gothalion asks (and essentially starts a quick fire rounds):

What about boarding axes?

Mike replies

Its popular and I like the potential of it.

Gothalion follows up with:

Social hub?

Mike answers:

The end goal for the tavern pre-arena is where we want that to end up. Meeting new people in that tavern and then setting out for loot with them.

Gothalion asks:

Pirate games (cards etc)?

Mike replies:

We like the idea, but we want to get the foundation right first.

  • There is a team working on pets currently.

  • I cant really do anymore than this – but ive covered up to 1hour:47.

  • TL;DR Upcoming updates are special, got Mike buzzed. Player weaponry not coming with arena, ship weaponry might, but a decent amount of other changes that are more 'fundamental' are coming.

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