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[suggestion] Ask a merfolk for directions

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - [suggestion] Ask a merfolk for directions

Ahoy fellow seafarers! Well, maybe just the lonesome sloop captains. I have a thought that's been running through my head as I paddle my rowboat towards the nearest outpost.

Once again I find my ship dipping into the depths of the sea by either a burning stone of a volcano, or an over zelous crew that decided to unleash their load of cannon balls for target practice.

Staring at the wreckage, I see if I can slavage anything or cut my losses. But if I have a finely crafted rowboat with me, I take to the open ocean and pray my arms don't fall off as I make way for a port to sell anything I saved.

On my self imposed pilgrimage, I usually come across a helpful merperson. They all offer to give me a speedy passage back to my ship. If sailing with a larger crew, I would happily agree to their aide. But alas, sailing alone leaves me with the knowledge that if I were to travel with them, I would no doubt lose anything I had rescued.


I have tried a number of times to simply ask the merfolk where my ship rests, yet they only seem keen on delivering me to it, as opposed to simple revealing the location or pointing in a cardinal direction.

Now I'm certain only a few pirates would even consider holding a long enough conversation with the merfolk to get said information, but for those willing to save whatever they could from sinking, would find this invaluable in simplely saving time with a faster craft instead of working their arms to the bone.

Tl:DR merfolk when approached can either teleport you to your ship, or tell you the direction from your current location by the compass or just naming the island it respawned on.

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