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(Suggestion) Can we make “hidden” structures and areas actually worth it?

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I'm going to guess that this probably won't reach a lot of people as this isn't a really big deal, but I figured it's kind of worth mentioning. So here goes nothing!

I recently bought SoT and I'm having a great time particularly exploring. While sailing around I found this "hidden" area!

"Hidden" Area:

There's this little area in the middle of a few named structures on the map where a very tiny group of islands forms a nice setting. Just outside the unnamed area on the map, I found a small ring of coral that brings you into a cavern of broken ruins. Now, to me, this was super cool. I waited to explore it with a buddy of mine, brought him back to the same area, and when we explored it there was nothing of value or importance down there.

Now, I'm sure that people have probably stumbled upon this "hidden" cave, and I'm sure that there's plenty more hidden over the map, but I was disappointed when an area as cool as this had no real value or importance in checking it out. If you see seagulls flying overhead you know that there's going to be a sunken ship or some stray barrels of supplies. If you go to an island that you don't have a quest for, you can most likely find an additional quest or valuable to take back for your curiosity.


This little cave had literally no point to it other than to be a hidden, neat area. If the game is about exploring, looting, and battling monsters/players, can we have some of these hidden areas worth our time if we're going to bother checking there? Just off the top of my head I could think of some ideas.

  • Make it an area that spawns a new type of powerful, difficult boss.
  • Make these areas smaller, yet difficult stronghold/quest locations.
  • Since the area I found had the seagulls indicating that there's an "event" there, it could have some varied loot that might be fairly hard to obtain if it's deep underwater without any air-source.
  • Sunken/Submerged city? The ruins are already in the game.
  • Closed, rotating traders that have special cosmetics that can only be obtained through them.

I just personally found it kind of disappointing to stop my quest and venture down there, only to find absolutely nothing. I'm hoping I'm not the only one!

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