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Suggestion: Give doubloon rewards for killing megalodons and krakens

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As it is, there seems to be no real incentive to try and kill any of these encounters if you see them, with them being fairly easy to run away from at times (the kraken will still suck people up, but won't actually attack you if you don't shoot it; even if you attack it, most people will get out of the black circle before it dies).

Some reasons to do this:

1) Doubloons, coming from the Bilge Rats, are literally all about adventure, making defeating the rare PvE "boss" encounters a good reason to reward even a small handful of these to players. The original megalodon quest within the Hungering Deep was even started by Duke's tip about Merick, for crying out loud.


2) While there are plenty of players that would kill these encounters without incentive, there are quite a few players who wouldn't. Since players that are crewing together would have to get lucky to be like-minded, giving some kind of reward would help increase the amount of people willing to do the encounter, allowing people who enjoy the fights to actually experience them when they do pop up.

3) These fights take resources to take on. As long as this is true, it will always be most efficient to ignore the fight to the fullest extent possible, as there is only a loss in resources for actually doing it. Giving even a small reward of a somewhat time-gated and rare currency would completely balance this, so that resource investment is no longer a "waste," and the fight will truly only be avoided if absolutely necessary.

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