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[SUGGESTION] Mermaid system overhaul

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Hello, I've been playing this game for a while and besides cannon bug I think randomness of mermaids spawn is the source of pirates biggest frustration. For a month or two now I had an idea in my head about how to improve current mermaid mechanic and make it more reliable.

Mermaids would still teleport you back to your ship but here are the changes I would introduce to current mermaids to make them more reliable:

Instead of having mermaids spawn on their own I would introduce a horn like item pirates could blow to call a mermaid to the rescue.

  • This would speed up the process of finding a mermaid around island we've been left on.
  • It would allow us to actually sneak up to other ships. No more mermaids popping up informing other crew somebody is approaching.
  • Once you shoot out to board opponents boat during a battle at full sea you wouldn't have to count on mermaid to just pop up. When both crews shoot out to board and one gets mermaids while other doesn't it can decide on faiths of battle. This could also encourage boarding more(Which I think is key to succesfully sinking other boat)

There needs to be a recharge time between mermaids respond to a horn blow. 2 minutes (?)

  • In a battle you don't want people to constantly try to board other boats with no downside to it. Sufficient recharge time would prevent that.
  • During battle most crews I've been on used one dedicated helmsman, one repairs guy and 2 boarders. Because of the recharge time crews on a ship could rotate all 4 players as boarders to sustain pressure instead of waiting 2 minutes between boarding attempts. This rotation would also eliminate having one guy pouding planks below deck the entire battle and reward cooperation.

Mermaids should be single use. They would dive back into the sea after somebody used them.

  • This could introduce some counterplay against failed boarders. After somebody fails to board your boat calls a mermaid and you can hear their horn going off you could try to sword lunge towards their mermaid, intersept it and get them stuck in the water for some time.
  • Once somebody boarded your baot but you knock them out. Follow them into the sea and try to catch their mermeid back to get them stuck. If not just call yours and go back.
Read:  Trust but verify.

Mermaids would spawn at fixed radious preferably in front of you

  • I don't think having them spawn exactly at the spot our pirate would call them is good idea. Make pirates swim a little.

And … that's all. What do you think?

tl;dr: make mermaids respond to our call instead of spawning on their own, give that call a recharge time, make mermaids single use

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