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Suggestion: PvP flags and PvP exclusive merchant

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I'm sure someone has already suggested something like this but I decided to share my idea anyways.

The current implementation of PvP rarely rewards anyone (other than joy of making other players' game difficult) unless both parties are willing to fight and/or enjoy it. I solo play often and have many times been attacked by Galleon and being griefed and the option to sink my own ship and the suggested solution with ships spawning further away feels like a penalty for me since it can add unreasonable amount of time getting back where my voyage is and the griefers could still be waiting for me.

I like the fact that you never know who to trust and that the PvP isn't limited to certain areas but I still think it needs to be incentivized better and "bad behavior" made less appealing than "honest" PvP between players.

I know some player already use flags to communicate their play style but by adding opt-in PvP flags that work similar to Reapers Mark flag, the players who want to fight other players could easily be recognized. Anyone attacking a ship without PvP flag would get a bounty on their heads which would incentivize other players to hunt down the wanted crew. As soon as you have a bounty on your head, you can start increasing your wanted level by attacking other players. The amount of wanted level gained from sinking another ship depends on the ship's/crew's size (i.e. Galleon sinking a Sloop would benefit less than other way around and obviously sinking the same ship multiple times has diminishing returns).


Also attacking other ships (with or without PvP flag) will automatically put the PvP flag on your ship. To avoid exploitation the flag could have a few minutes cooldown preventing changing it. While you have a bounty, you have the flag always on until the bounty has been collected.

Finally, adding a new merchant selling exclusive stuff based on wanted level would give the PvP players more bragging rights and a reason to choose their fights better instead of harassing solo players etc.

TL;DR: Add PvP flag to the game. Unsolicited PvP adds a Wanted level and a bounty (which other players can collect by sinking the ship) on the attacker but also gives them an access to PvP exclusive merchant.

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