Sea of Thieves

Thank you Rare for an amazing night #SOTStory

Sea of Thieves 6 - Thank you Rare for an amazing night #SOTStory

I had one of my best nights of Sea of Thieves last night, and I wanted to share. I will be as brief as possible, a lot happened 🙂

Kraken I joined a session of friends on a galleon, and 20 seconds after I joined we were attacked by a Kraken. I spent my time repairing while they fought her off, and I finally received my accommodation for defeating the Kraken!

Guided Voyage We made it back to an outpost and decided to use my gilded voyage for a merchant alliance stock run. We spent 15 minutes loading everything carefully onto the galleon, and then as soon as we left port, we were attacked by a skeleton ship. We didn’t want to damage the rum bottles, but unfortunately they smashed us too hard, so we took time to defeat the skeleton ship and made it to Shipwreck Bay without further incident, thank goodness.

Skull Fort The night was still young, so we decided to attack a skulll fort. We went to Lost Gold Fort, which is challenging because it is high on a hill. We had to contend with a brutal storm, and three separate attacks from marauding galleons. The third galleon arrived just when we were loading up the loot, so we grabbed everything except the mega keg which we kept hidden on the island, and we fled. By sailing around the world, we out sailed the pursuers, and made it to plunder outpost with enough time to unload everything, just as the ship arrived.


Epic ship battle We reboarded our ship and fled the outpost, with the galleon in hot pursuit. This galleon had the most toxic, disgusting, infuriating player I’ve ever met. Making remarks about our mother, homophobic slurs, and bragging about his YouTube channel in a monotonous drone. Check it out: Video

And then we destroyed his ship! We worked together to hit them with cannonballs, and I shot myself over and took the helm of their ship without them noticing. When they noticed, I dropped their anchor and kept them occupied while the ship sank. Check it out: Video

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Wrap up We grabbed the mega keg from Lost Gold Fort, and restocked the ship. We sailed back to the outpost, sinking a skeleton ship on the way, and sold everything. We played a sad song and thanked our ship while sending it on to its final reward. The night was exhausting and exhilarating, and I had trouble falling asleep from the adrenaline. I’m still hyped about now as I write this. What an amazing game. Photo

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