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Thank you Rare

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Tonight I had an amazing amount of fun playing your game. It felt like when I was a kid playing video games with my friends. Never worried about stats or anything, just messing around in game and interacting with other players.

I joined 3 of my friends on their galleon that they had been sailing for a little over an hour. They had just started a stronghold. I join in and they tell me they had fought and sank 2 sloops and 1 galleon that had all messed with them. (A HUGE feat for my crew as we’re not amazing at ship to ship combat) as were taking down the stronghold, a solo sloop comes out of nowhere. We send some chats their way in hopes that they would assist us in the attack but they shot cannons at us. So we proceed to abandon the fort, turn our ship and fire all cannons on him. We quickly dispatched of him and celebrated briefly (again, sinking anyone is 1: fun and 2: very rare for us) before hopping back in the fight.


After taking the fort (our first one!) and getting all the loot on board, we spot two sloops heading right for us. We barely got turned around in time to avoid their cannon fire and the chase was on. We ran with all our loot until the two sloops gave up as we didn’t want to risk our loot. Shortly after we were able to sell everything for a collective 15k or so, our biggest haul to date. Then continued sailing until we met another galleon whom we engaged and sank, then we were yet again surprise attacked by another sloop. Only to once again come out on top and and head out on our way.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Rare for creating this game and giving me the opportunity to leave work after super long days and immerse myself into a game where I can interact with my friends in such a fun, comic, and heart racing way. I can’t wait to see what kind of content they will continue to put into this game and I expect to be playing with my shipmates for the lifespan of the game.

Thanks Rare,


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