Sea of Thieves

Thank you, whoever you were!

Sea of Thieves 6 - Thank you, whoever you were!

So my buddy and I are pretty casual gamers, and we play SoT about once a week or so. Needless to say, we haven't exactly garnered a ton of experience with the game in that time. So, when we do log on, it's not uncommon for us to run into other players only to quickly watch as our ship sinks to the briny deep. We don't mind as we know that it's part of the game, but it's tough for us to get into the game when we aren't able to accomplish things that most other players find to be relatively easy.

Well, Saturday night my buddy and I logged on and sailed toward the horizon, intent on completing our first skeleton fort. The couple other times we tried, we got completely destroyed by other pirates before we could even drop anchor off the island's coast. Imagine our lack of surprise when we see two other ships already there. Our hope was not to single-handedly crush the skeleton army (we wouldn't have stood a chance by ourselves), but to team up and just experience the event. We didn't even really care about the gold, we just wanted to play. Upon arriving, we saw one ship sink rather quickly, and it wasn't long until we were cut down from behind by another player.


After returning from the ferry, we called out to our killer and basically begged him to let us help him. To our surprise, he agreed, and like the man from my favorite childhood movie, he then proceeded to show us a whole new world, taking us on a magic carpet ride.

This amazing pirate legend was so patient with us, showing us how to join an alliance and describing what all that entails (yes, I know most of you have known this for a long time). He helped us to defeat the fort and even let us have all the loot. As we sailed to the outpost, he helped us defeat our first meg and take down an aggressive galleon, too. This man could have brutally destroyed us and went about his day, but he took it upon himself to help out some inexperienced gamers. His efforts breathed new life into this game for us and showed us a side of the game we had never known: that of a successful pirate!

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I wish I had gotten his gamertag so I could thank him, but to whoever you are, we thank you! You are the type of guy that makes online gaming fun.

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