Sea of Thieves

Thanks for trying, strangers.

Sea of Thieves 7 - Thanks for trying, strangers.

Was playing solo on NA East server tonight. I had collected my last chests for my gilded voyage and was going to Galleon’s Grave Outpost to turn all my loot in, when a ghost ship started on my halfway there.. it chased me all the way to the outpost, and as soon as I hit the “zone” it sank my ship. I had a ton of chests, obviously.

At that time, I heard a strangers voice from the far off docks saying not to take the mermaid and to hold on they were coming. A crew of three brings a rowboat out to me, says to collect my loot and put it on, and we’ll row back to shore to turn it in. We spend several minutes getting all my chests loaded up and we start rowing to shore. We get there, and I start moving the chests to the shoreline. About that time my entire screen goes black for a second, it goes to the loading screen, and then I appear, at a different outpost by my new shop, across the map. No blood or afterlife indicating I had been shot or killed. Just come weird bug I guess.



I was frustrated, to say the least and got off.

But if you rando’s happen to browse reddit & see this, I do appreciate you trying to help. I hope you made a good coin off my loot. (Also I realize there is a chance you were going to kill me and take it anyways, but maybe not) random encounters like that make the game awesome, just wish the bug hadn’t ruined it, & hasn’t cost me the last of my one-time Christmas voyage.

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