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Thanks to Rare for Continuously Listening

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I know lots of us have a live hate relationship with Rare, but these biweekly events are getting better and better each week. They keep things interesting and are pulling me back into Sea of Thieves constantly now since they've been doing them.


My main reason for this post however is how much they're taking the communities feedback into these special events. The first one with the Skelton thrones, in order to get all the cosmetics you HAD to work with another crew in order to get them. And if you can't do that within the first couple of days, it was damn near impossible. Along with that, there was no replayability for it. Biweekly event 2 comes along with Gunpowder Skeletons and they introduced the new and improved letters of recommendation which are a gift from the Sea of Thieves Gods, especially for upper level players. But along with that, they gave you the option to work entirley by yourself or with your own crew to get the amount of dablooms necessary for the time exclusive cosmetics AND THEN if you want to get some extras for the letters of recommendation you will have to work with another crew. And then the most recent event with cursed mermaid's. This event you can entirley do all the commendations with a full galleon, but you can also work with another crew if you want. I just love so much how they are acknowledging how it's not always easy to get another crew to help out so they make working with another crew just for extra dablooms now or they just give you the option to do it fully with a galleon. It's just super awesome to me and I'm so happy these devs listen. Anyway thanks to the devs, and keep providing them constructive feedback!

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