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That’s no wreck! That’s a…

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I had just finished a 2 hour GH voyage on a solo Sloop and was about to log off from Golden Sands when I saw a lone vanilla Galleon berthed at Mermaids Hideaway. With a couple Gunpowder Barrels left, I thought to try my luck at some PVP and see if I could get anything for my troubles.

Coming up fast alongside I angled my ship to sail past and jumped with my barrel. Taking a chance and choosing not to detonate underwater, up the ladder I went and down into their hold. I was spotted last minute but was able to light the fuse and explode it causing the Galleon to flood. Unfortunately my inexperience showed and I didn't maximize my time distracting the crew from repairing and was killed.

Coming back from the ferry and returning to their ship I tried again with my second barrel, only for them to take off after my Sloop and leaving me in the water!

I caught a mermaid back to see that we were both in the Shroud to the West. I managed to turn around, as did they. We collided and I got a few cannon shots into them before we were both back in the Shroud again. By the time I came out the horizon was clear.

They couldn't have made it away, so I surmised that they had sunk through their own inexperience. Looking for barrels as a sign of where they went down I tracked back to see if any of their loot was floating on the surface.


I found some seagulls hovering and barrels floating on the surface so I jumped into the water to see if the treasure had already started sinking. Looking down I saw what looked like the upside down hull of a wreck.

"That's strange," I thought, "there weren't that many seagulls flying above for a wreck to be here… Is it their boat still sinking perhaps?"

Next thing I know, the "wreck" is surging upwards and I'm freaking out at the fact I've landed plonk on top of a Meg that's just spawned below the surface! What an experience!

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I quickly paddle around, find the sinking chests of the Galleon, grab a Villainous Skull (I'd have tried my luck for more but could hear voices in the water, though I couldn't see anyone and didn't want to end up with nothing to show for all this…being outnumbered) and sail back to the Outpost to hand it in with Meg following me for most of the way before disappearing into the distance.

In the end, a great experience and tale for Black Dog Bill to remember!

TL;DR – I attacked a Galleon solo, managed to sink it, and when jumping into the water to get their chests, landed almost quite literally on top of a Meg, that scared me half to death!

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