Sea of Thieves

The actual easy quick fix for Merchant quests.

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - The actual easy quick fix for Merchant quests.

So sea of thieves currently has:

PvE Missions -> OOS: Travel to area kill baddies.
Fetch Quest -> GH: Travel to area fetch chest.
Fetch Quest -> MA: Travel to area fetch animals.


Stop MA from being another fetch quest, and make it a "transport collection of items from one outpost to another".

They already have the capability to have the merchants spawn items, and receive items so literally no functionality would need to be added.

Example Noob Contract)

Transport 30 red chickens from X outpost to Y outpost, where the merchant spawns the full cages in the exact same way they spawn empty cages now.

Example 50 contract)

Transport 10 crates of sugar, 10 crates of spices, and 10 barrels of powder. Etc…


1) Immersion -> they're now hiring a ship as a transport as you would expect.

2) Game doesn't have two kinds of fetch quests -> The GH already fits the game perfectly for fetch quest, no need to shoe horn another in. PvE players get a mission type for them, fetchers and puzzlers have GH, and guys that just like to sail can do MA. Everyone gets something.

3) PvP benefits -> It might actually be worth it to attack and chase someone now knowing they might have more than 2 chests on board.


4) Challenge -> Players can actually enjoy the risk of having a full hold without need to worry about wasting an entire day grinding out the other mission types.

5) Empty cages in the world actually serve a purpose now -> These could actually be used to replenish lost stock rather than being ignored by everyone.

Changes required:

They would need to tweak prices of that good sold by anyone with the contract to the reverse of how it works now.

If you have a contract for X, then any X sold until that contract is completed is sold at a drastically reduced price so that the only way to make real money off the contract by the MA player is to actually deliver the items. Obviously the items would sell for full price by anyone that managed to steal them.

If the contract is cancelled, the merchants could deduct the price of any undelivered items (that were originally claimed) from the player to prevent a buy contract -> cancel for free gold loop….. this could also work as a gold sink for the game (which is desperately needed) with the gold lost for failed contracts obviously increasing as the item quality increased with higher tier voyages.


This seems to me to be such an obvious and easily implemented solution I'm stunned it wasn't done this way from the beginning.

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