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The Alliance system just makes toxic players more toxic

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Vent incoming…

Last night, my 3-man brig crew allied with two 4-man galleons and fought skelly ships for about 3 hours. Early on in the alliance, we all decided that one of the galleons could gather up all the loot while the rest of us kept attacking skellies to maximize our damage output. Now, my brig crew and the other galleon crew both knew this meant the two of us would each get 50% less gold in the end, but we were both primarily focused on the doubloons/commendations, so we were fine with this arrangement. One galleon would get 100% of the gold, the other two crews would each get their 50%, and we'd all get closer to killing those 50 skelly ships. It was all discussed and decided upon ahead of time, and we had a great time working together to take down the skellies.

Finally, after the last round of skelly ships, we all said "GG" and my crew and the other galleon decided to sail off in our respective directions to work on voyages while the galleon full of treasure headed to the outpost to turn in "our" loot. I'm sure you know where this is going…


As soon as they got to the outpost, they left the alliance for literally no reason at all and proceeded to turn in the loot. By the time we were able to get to the outpost to confront them, they had turned everything in and then proceeded to fight us for the next 15 minutes while they gleefully giggled over chat about how they had betrayed us for no reason, and that we "didn't deserve that loot."

They knew full well they weren't earning more money by leaving the alliance. They literally just did it to be fu*king as*holes. Shame on me, I guess. And lesson learned: the alliance system is just another fun new way for as*hole players to continue to be as*holes for no reason.

TL;DR – People are as*holes, and this game brings out the worst in them.

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