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The appeal of The Wilds.

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The Sea of Thieves has three distinct areas, The Shores of Plenty, The Ancient Isles, and The Wilds. Out of the three The Wilds is clearly the most hated, by the common player and community alike. This hate however in my opinion is completely undeserved and overstressed to the point of pure ignorance. Of all the things at launch, the environment was one that was amazing and still is no matter your location in the game world. So here is my point of why The Wilds is not horrible but rather well designed and unqiue.

So first I'm going to cover why people don't like the Wilds and what parts are undeserved. The main point I see is it is ugly and unappealing to the eyes. This point is entirely vaild and one I agree with. Even though I am making this post I don't think the Wilds looks nice. In fact it's uglyness is one thing that makes it great. It serves as a change of scenery and opposite of the other areas which is fine by me as it gives more diversity to the world. The second point is usually the outposts are crappy or not of convenience. While Dagger Tooth is no doubt the worst oupost in the game, Galleon's Grave is one of the best. It's unqiue look, to how close everything is, to even the perfectly sized dock, I feel Galleon's Grave easily beats out outposts like Golden Sands and debatably Plunder. Finally another point I always see in this debate is about visablity. At day sometimes it's kind of foggy as in its harder to see the horizon and night sometimes it's completely dark. What this means is simply be ready to be easily snuck up on and do it to others yourself. I understand that it is way harder to see but if you worry about being attacked sneakly just move into the Shores. The advantage of this is the darkness can easily hide you from others, especially at Shipwreck and Crooked. So it isn't that big of a deal and rather adds a new dynamic to PVP in the area.

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Ok after that wall of text I'll give some reasons why I like the area. The well designed islands, such as Shipwreck, Crooked, Sunken, etc. I don't have a problem with any other the big islands there but I understand why some do. The Kraken lore here is quite deep and the full sized Kraken skeletons are massive and interesting. (These are mostly found at Kraken's fall and the islands nearby.) The look of the islands is completely different than anything else in the world and complements our skeleton enemies quite nicely. The skull fort (Shark Fin) is the best for solo sloop players as the cliff side of the island completely blocks all the cannons. And to keep this part comparably short the coming Skeleton Galleons will fit nicely as seen in the Cursed Sails trailer. So overall it's pretty nice.

TL;DR: The Wilds gets a lot of undeserved hate but it is rather well designed and thought through by the devs. The reasons for this are above. 1st pg is intro, 2nd is what's wrong with the hate, and 3rd is parts I like about the area.

Keep in mind this is my opinion and have a nice day.

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