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The ashen loot and voyages give me an idea…

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How cool would it be to have region specific “things” for each region. So there would be “sun-drenched” loot for the Shores of Plenty, “mossy” loot for the Ancient Isles, “rough” loot for The Wilds, and “ashen” for the Devil’s Roar.

Each region’s specific loot would be worth different amounts depending on the difficulty of the region:

-The Shores of Plenty would be the easiest region to travel and do stuff in, with the only threat being storms. The loot would be worth as much as it is now and would be modeled to look bleached and losing color due to how sunny the region is. No sea monsters will spawn in this region and the skull fort will be slightly easier and have sun-drenched loot. The legends chest will have the normal coloring. There are more resources here than any other region and only the chest of grogs can spawn here.

-The ancient isles will be slightly more difficult and will have storms, the megaldon, and cursed statues. Mossy loot would be worth more and appear to have moss growing on it. The same thing applies to the skullfort and the chest of legends will be colored a deeper blue. This region has less resources than the shores of plenty. The chest of grogs and sorrows are the two chests that can spawn here.


-The wilds will be even more difficult, containing the megaladon, kraken, storms, statues, and powder kegs will occasionally spawn in clumps of floating supply barrels. Rough loot will have rocky clumps and spikes around the seams and be worth more than the ancient isles. The chest of legends will be colored more green. There are less bananas here but more cursed cannon balls. Both the previous cursed chests spawn here and additionally some other cursed item.

-The Devil’s Roar will be the hardest region will the best loot. This region has all the same hazards (minus storms) with volcanoes, geysers, and earthquakes. Not much to add here unless I wanted to say there should be another type of cursed chest and another type of sea monster can spawn.

What do you guys think?

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