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The best 11 years old pirate I’ve ever seen

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Today I got randomly matched with an 11 year old kid and oh boy, did he surprise me.

I started out on my own sloop, going solo, but open crew turned on. I log into the server and notice a huge skull in the air, so I decide to check it out, as I cleared a Skull Fort Raid on my own for the first time a few days ago. I was feeling pretty confident I could pull it off again.

When I'm nearing the fort, I notice another sloop going for it. Turns out they're friendly and said they'd have no issues splitting the loot. So we're clearing the fort pretty quickly and the captain spawns.

Out of nowhere I hear this kids voice, which turns out to be a random that joined my open sloop crew. I didn't expect anything of it, cause you know…. kids playing games normally wanna do their own thing and don't really communicate well.


Then the other sloop I was doing the fort with decides to betray us and they blow up a keg on our ship. A 20 minute fight follows, and this f***ing kid starts wrecking them. I like to take the captain role and call out the shots. He listens perfectly and actually has a pretty good amount of skill, so we sink the sloop and win the fort.

The session goes on, cause I was kinda impressed by this little guy and didn't want to leave, and in the end we hauled around 40k of loot, including another skull fort and 2 galleons we also managed to sink.

It probably wont be as exciting to read for you guys, but I was utterly amazed by what this little kid could do. 11 years old, goddamn. It's just great to see what kind of people you can match up with and how they can actually surprise you.

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