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The best night I’ve ever had.

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Edit: Also please share your favorite pirate story with me.

Since hitting Pirate Legend my friends and I have been on a Skull Fort grind for a couple days to cool off from questing. Last night we had an amazing 2 hour long altercation with 5 other ships.

It all started when we saw the big Skull cloud floating near where our ship spawned. We set sail and as we are arriving there is a galleon anchored off the shore of the island. Meanwhile, 2 other slops are sailing in. We arrive at the island and deliver swift justice to the pirates trying to plunder our target island.

We slid our galleon into the previous galleon's spot and awaited the sloops arrival. One of the sloops took a more indirect approach and sailed around the back of the island, while the other tried to ram us head on. Just as the slops reach the back of our galleon we dropped all sails and sailed a few inches forward as he smashed his ship into the island. The other sloop had just finished closing in from the other side of the island, we led him on a chase through the mountainous rocks next to Crow's Nest Fortress.

In comes a new galleon, we decide to cut them off and bring the fight to them. They end up targeting the sloop and sinking him, giving us an opening to fire a good broadside along their right side and onto the stern of their ship. They went down in around a minute of me boarding their ship.

We return to our spot and the coast is clear, all 4 of us hop on the island then quickly finish the fort and we discovered the original galleon got the waves down to the second to last. The captain pops and we kill him for the key. One of my crewmembers climbs the crows nest and spots the same Galleon as before and the same sloop as before. The chase was on.


We set sail immediately. The wind carried our ship all the way from the fort to the northernmost part of the map. As we neared Galleons Grave we noticed a fresh spawned galleon leave port. He turns towards us probably looking for some good PvP. He cuts us off and we end up smashing our ships head on with each other. One boarded and attempts to get our anchor but to no avail. Their ship continues back to the sloop who I assume they picked as their new target, because the last thing I remember of that crew is turning around and watching their sloop sink.

We lose wind and turn the ship almost 180 degrees. All sails go right and we're heading south west with full billowed sails. The final galleon is still on our tail. My crew member asks to take the wheel for a bit of crafty maneuvering. We spot Wanderer's Refuge and begin to pass the left side of the island and act as if we're turning right around it. The galleon takes the bait and begins going for a cut off. We put our sails up as we pass out of sight and spin the ship to the south east and grab full wind again. We disappear into the storm and come out the other side unscathed. I turned around and there they were, still dedicated to getting this key. The final part of the plan is hatched. We pass by Plunder Valley and I jump off with the key. I hide myself on a ledge of the canyon wall. My crew members then took the ship on a chase as far south as they could go. Both ships enter the red sea and the other galleon begins to turn around. My crew keeps the ship from sinking as long as they could and then she went down. We're not sure if the other galleon sunk into the red sea or if they escaped.

My crew comes back to pick me up and we hop on our newly uncustomized ship to look incognito. As we are heading back to the fort we notice the same galleon circling Wanderer's Refuge. I assumed they thought one of us jumped with the key there during our whole evasion move. We get to the fort, load up, head out, and sell the loot. It was a great night for some good reception and great sailing.

Tldr; total of 6 ships fought over a skull fort and we won against them all.

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