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The Black Spot could be a fun player bounty game.

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And I'm thinking the game could benefit from player bounties as a revenge / deterrence mechanic. The important part is that it would have to be effective in getting griefers to leave you alone for a while (by keeping them occupied), while at the same time it should be fun to place the bounty and fun to be the target of a bounty.

Something like:

  • Aggrieved player goes to an Order of Souls representative.

  • One of the conversation options is to place a curse.

  • When placing a curse is requested, around the outpost island a number of ghosts spawn representing the different players that have killed or sunk the player recently.

  • The player 'activates' a chosen ghost, whereupon the other ghosts disappear and the chosen ghost becomes a hostile AI.

  • The player kills the ghost, which drops a unique skull that the player hands back to the OoS agent. The curse has begun.

  • Everyone on a server with a black spot cursed player has a special OoS compass that always points toward the accursed player.

  • The targeted player, whatever server they're on, gets a new note on their quest radial. It's just a black spot (it's 'completed' when they die, just an aesthetic affectation and something they can hold up to brag about). Their player name on other people's screens is also replaced with a black spot. They also become subject to friendly fire…

  • If a player cursed by the black spot is killed, they don't go to the ferry of the damned. They go to a galley swarming with skeletons and have to fight their way back to life. They also drop a bag of silver as loot (not actually taken from their funds). Yes, their own crew can cash it in as well but it's literally worth 30 pieces of silver or 3 gold going by the video game gold/silver/copper currency trope.

  • The player who placed the curse has to deliver a payment (bananas? a chicken? something else?) to the Order Of Souls after placing the curse but before the cursed player dies; failure to do so condemns them to the same fate as their target and they end up fighting side-by-side to escape purgatory together.

  • Prize for killing the target? Rep? Gold? Something that doesn't encourage the mechanism to be abused, but at the same time if the mechanism creates fun gameplay then positive reinforcement would be good.

Please share your ideas or improve mine!

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