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The Chase is On

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So there I am on Fetcher’s Rest, battling the skeleton horde on behalf of the order of souls. I lure wave after wave through the geysers, bones exploding all around me. Finally the three captains appear, taking hit after hit from geysers and my sniper rifle alike. My health dropping and not a banana in sight. Suddenly the earth starts shaking and I know what comes next.

The Captains finally fall as I leave 2 of the 3 skulls lying on the beach. I hop into my row boat which is fully loaded with loot already. I row as fast as I can to get around where my sloop is tucked safely behind a rock formation. As I approach I see an unsettling sight. Another sloop parked off to my side. As I draw near I see a figure in the water where I need to dock my row boat, bailing water into my ship. THE FIEND!

I don’t hesitate and pull out my sniper rifle firing a shot into the back of his unsuspecting head, killing him. As if I unleashed the Devil himself with this human sacrifice, the volcano explodes as I dock the row boat. Now a decision, hope his ship isn’t adequately shielded by the rocks and will sink before he leaves the Ferry or make a break for it. I choose the latter.

Rocks rain down around me, striking my ship. I frantically patch the back of the ship as I head south and see the other ship drop sail and turn in pursuit. I look down and see over 10 grand worth of loot collected sitting in my row boat. The chase is on. I decide to head for Ancient Spire to ensure the only threat is the ship chasing me.


He’s close behind as I continue to angle the sails and try to figure out how to pull this off. I decide to gamble. As we draw close to the outpost I grab the most expensive piece. Closer still. I decide to jump off as I pass and turn in the loot and catch a mermaid back to my ship before it goes to far south. He notices my gambit and drops anchor as he passes the outpost. It’s a footrace. I get to the gold hoarder and turn in the ashen captains chest, with this scurvy dog on my heels. Swords are drawn, blades clashing as I make a break for his boat. I swim out and get on before he realizes what I’m doing. I see my ship in the distance. Not far enough away yet. He climbs aboard and we battle more. Steel clanks. Guns are fired. I look and see my ship fading in the distance. I drop my guard and let the sweet release of death take me.

I emerge from the Ferry, as my ship is about to reach the southern edge of the map. I see the outline of his ship at Ancient Spire. I head north west and arrive at my destination, Plunder Outpost. 12,000 gold later I head back east, his ship still sitting there. He calls out, taunting me and gloating over his kill. I fire a peace ball over and pepper him with shot after shot. I lock his barrels with another cursed cannon ball. As his ship starts to sink, I pull my trumpet out and triumphantly let him know that not only did I let him kill me, it was intentional to delay his pursuit and send me back to my ship. He swore like a pirate as I listed the loot I turned in and the failed bounty he failed to claim.

The sun sank down as I headed back to the Devil’s Roar to do it again. A pirate’s life for me.

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