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The definitive guide to solo strongholds!

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Recently, I have been questioned (and downvoted) on my ability to solo forts in 15-20 minutes with as few deaths as 2 to 3. While the skepticism is understandable, I'm here today to tell you all how to do it. The guide will be divided into several sections and subsections on what to do for every scenario. Let's get started!

  1. Breaking and Entering

—When heading to a fort, you'll want to take cautionary measures. If there is already a ship or two there, refer to lower down in the guide. If its empty, fill your inventory on planks and bananas. You'll be bombarded with cannon balls once in range, and you have no time to waste getting into position. You want to position your sloop in such a way that the towers can't hit your ship. Leaving them alive is KEY, as they alert you to other ships approaching. Once you've identified your spot, just ram into it and anchor, you'll be fixing your ship anyway and you have no time to waste. Speaking of fixing, ALWAYS REMEMBER: BAIL BEFORE HAMMER AND NAIL. With the amount of holes on your ship, repairing takes too long with water pouring in, and emptying it will give you the amount of time you need. With your ship in position, you're almost ready to begin your assault on the foretress.

  1. One Man Army

—Wait wait wait! You need to understand some more advanced PvE tactics before you try and tackle this goliath! First, get a Cutlass and Blunderbuss. Then, use one of the two methods provided below to quickly clear waves.

•METHOD 1: MASTER THE SWORD LEAP – Anyone familiar with CoD Zombies knows a popular tactic that helps clear rounds: "training", the act of gathering all the mobs in one large line for easy kills. Using the sword leap and training, we can very easily clear all but 1 skeleton wave type. Now I hear you asking: Duck, what is the sword leap? The sword leap is somewhat difficult to master, but is extrmely useful in PvP and PvE. To perform it, simply hold in guard when charging a dash (this removes the mobility penalty, allowing more fine-tuned maneuvers and distance from the wave) and once the dash is initiated, jump. This will send you flying into the air, hitting plenty of skeletons on the way. Once performed, turn around and repeat until the entire melee wave is dead. If you get harassed by pistol skellies (blunderbuss skellies are not a threat), try and kite the wave until you get to the pistol wielders, and blunderbuss them.

•METHOD 2: THE IMPOSSIBLE AOE – As some of you may know, the cutlass is not a single-target weapon, but rather has a decently large cone in which you can hit enemies with. This cone will be exploited to its fullest potential. Cluster the wave of skeletons into either the doorway of the central wooden structure and stand on the right side (if you were looking at the door from the inside, you can actually hit skellies through the wall), and start hacking and whacking. The sword's attacks interrupt attacks of the skeletons, and clusters all of them up for maximum damage, clearing waves in SECONDS. This also works at the very top of the structure if you hit the railing next to the ramp that the skeletons walk up. If the skeletons overwhelm you in these areas, simply bring them outside and use method 1.


•METAL SKELETONS – These are possibly the easiest enemy type to deal with, simply group them up, preferably in water, and drop a gunpowder barrel. There is a range in which you can blunderbuss it and not die, but this takes some getting used to.

With these strategies in hand, you'll be killing that captain and getting the key in no time!

  1. Loot n' Scoot

—Congratulations, you've solo'd a Stronghold! I know you want to run up to that door and open it, but have some patience man! Survey your surroundings and make sure no ships are coming to you. If nobody is in sight, feel free to loot. If you see ANY ships, confirm what direction they're heading, and if it happens to be at you, run like hell until the area is clear of enemies. Keep in mind that loading stronghold loot onto your ship is a long process, so make sure to keep an eye out for approaching enemies since your tower buddies aren't there to do it for you. Once your loot is on board, raise your sails, anchor up, turn to whatever outpost you please, and play a shanty in your own honor!


  1. Ship at the fort: This is rather easy if you have patience. Grab a pistol and cutlass some bananas, park your ship in an area out of sight and out of mind of the enemy ship, and cannon yourself to the island. Swim over, grab a barrel, and try to go unnoticed to the enemy ship. Drop the barrel either under it if there's room for it to float and not have you die, or leave it next to the boat and shoot it. If you had to do the latter, board, heal yourself, and guard the hull breaches like no tomorrow. If the ship sinks, congrats, the fort is now yours.

  2. Multiple ships at the fort: This is simple, wait for one to win the battle, and repeat the steps from Scenario 1. If they're teaming, have some pride in the fact that you've torn apart an alliance, and taken a fort for yourself!

  3. Enemy ship approaching: This can go one of several ways. If you can hit them with cannons, go for it, just more holes on their ship that need filled. If you can't you might have to escape and try step 1. I haven't got too much experience with this particular scenario, but something fun to do is to flee, let them take the island, and hide on their ship. Kill them at the outpost and steal whatever you can!


And thus, the end of the guide. I hope you all found this helpful. A lot of these tips can be applied if you are in a ship with others, hell I even prefer to be the lone guy taking on the fort even in a full Galleon as I have way more control over the skeletons that way. Thanks for reading!

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