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The Forsaken Shores : How to sail them. The “Difficulties” of the Roars?

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I've just finished the Master Devil's Voyager commendation, which is the only thing I needed out of this update, really. (Although the 70k-something gold were welcome).

I saw a lot of complains about this update and I think they are kind of misdirected by players who don't understand it.

For any context; Im a solo slooper, never played with a crew, and I loved the update. So every tricks I give are tricks that worked for ME, and I will provide tricks for crews too. Having played solo only, my advices are worth -shit- what they're worth.

I also give my opinion. Dont skin me please.

Lets put my opinion out of the way: People complain that the Roars arent "Hard". That the update is just about "waiting around for the volcanoes to stop" . Which isn't hard, its just annoying right ?!

Well first of all, I don't think the Roars were designed and supposed to be straight up "hard" (NOT LIKE MY D)

It's supposed to be… "risky". (JUST LIKE M-)

It's not about rushing it and sweating and such. It's more about preparation, being on the lookout, choosing the right path at the right moment. Thinking before moving. Taking RISK, and accepting the outcome.

It's about SAILING, BABY. Brain-pirates, yeah.

Secondly, you aren't supposed to "wait around"… I'd think? What is this? Everybody keep saying it. Why.

I didn't want to share my own little shitty tricks before having the scar. 'Cause, lets be honest, this is not the game I want to meet the players. The Roars are EMPTY. Probably because players dont like it. (But I love it they dont like it. So calm…)

Then I've been told I was a sociopath for not wanting to share them. (Although they arent even tricks, its more common sense…) I've been told many lovely things just to dare liking this update. So there you go, lovely fellas

My -tricks- common sense:

(Keep in mind I only sailed a sloop)


Stock on. I wont explain it, its a good strategy for all around the map, really.

-Study the map.

Look at where you're going. Do not just make straight lines towards your goal. After a while, you begin to know by heart where the volcanoes are and their radiuses. Plan your course and TAKE YOUR TIME.

-Take your time

The Roars arent about goint fast for 10 min, then stop and wait for another 10. It's about going slow and steady.

Don't hesitate to raise sails, take a little longer route to reach your goal. Keep an eye out and improvise if needed. Its good that the volcanoes are unpredictable, we're supposed to play around it, that's the risk.

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What? They added rowboats in this update? Would it means… That we should use them?

YES. Jesus, yes.

Take one on a random island on your way to the Roars.

Or you can hope there is one on the island of your voyage.

-Natural shields.

Why is there big walls of rocks around the map? Would it means… That we should use th- YES.

Please. Yes.

Volcano is erupting? 100% chance there is a shield nearby. They're everywhere. Go park behind one.

"That's when I wait for the volcano to stop right?"

No, Richard. Never fu*king wait.

Take your rowboat and row your way toward the danger zone, baby.


You stock your cake on the rowboat, and you take that hot cake home while it's still hawt.

Have you ever fought a crew of skellies on an erupting island?

Me neither. No need. They all just… died. (Ok, with a little help, but still)

ez money boi.

(This is where its risky when you're alone. Your boat is vulnerable, alone… and sad. It's there for

every other crew to just hop on and ride. (JUST LIK-)

So if you have a friend, which I dont, ask him to wait on it. Or if you feel wild, don't. I never had any problem personnally. And I would think its because nobody like this update. Which is FINE. Its fine.)


If you dont have a rowboat to get to your erupting island, theres a high chance that theres one on it.

Canonball yourself towards it. Yes, its far. Yes, the water is boiling.

It won't kill you. Take the time, browse reddit while you swim.

2 or 3 bananas will keep you alive enough to cross the boiling waters.

Then you go aroung searching your rowboat or you make your own strat. You go girl.

If you get caught on a shitstorm while sailing, just repair the lower deck and wait to be out the radius.

-How to sail a bigger boat on the Roars? (Or where my input doesn't have any value whatsoever) :

I found it pretty easy with the sloop. Its my fav. And I would even go and guess thats a 2 persons crew on a sloop can rock the Roars like kings.

But for a galleon, I would guess the shield arent always big enough. But with a bigger crew, nothing is impossible?

Just don't stop moving. If your island isnt erupting yet, just get close enough to get some of you on the island. On rowboats or not. Then 1 or 2 pirates can sail the boat out the radius and maybe even raise sails when its safe… And wait. (I know, I know..) A team of 2 to 3 people doing the quest on land can be pretty quick, and can finish it even before the volcano stop erupting.

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You can either get the loot on the rowboat and get back. Or if the volcano stopped, get the loot on a shore, communicate it to your people on the galleon so they come collect it with you. In and out.

So that would be my take on it.

And yet, I will have people tell me : "yeah, but your tricks arent without risk… so its shit."

To them I'd say : If there was a trick to make the Roars without risk, thatll be shit.

And if you want them to be without risk, you should just avoid the south-east altogether, you're missing the point.

So that's it! Fun and games. Sorry for my basic english, not my language. Hope I could help you a bit you salty sea dogs.

Just keep in mind you don't have to like everything. I never played the cursed sails stuff. Dont want to. It's fine, it's cool, but I don't like it.

I just think its important to understand the nature of something even if its to hate it.

Things we dislike have to exist for they will exist as something other people like.

If you don't like it, sail safe.

Otherwise, sail east and enjoy!


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