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I know everyone is talking about this new update and all but I’d like to look towards the future. I know rate said they would come out with 3 more updates during the fall and winter and I would like to express what I feel would be good editions.

  1. The sea of the five winds In the sea of thrives art book it shows pictures of an area of the map called the sea of the five winds, which has an East Asian vibe to it. This I would love and hopefully if it’s not to much to ask for it would come with its own clothing sets based on Asian culture during the time period and Maybe a junket boat. Even though volcanoes are cool and definitely add a challenge they get frustrating, so maybe in this new area it could be easier, so winds are more favorable, waters are calmer and there aren’t storms strewn about.

  2. The kraken (returns) If you have experienced the kraken you’ll know it is a disappointment. Again I’ll refer to the SoT art book which shows images of what the krakens body could look like, and trust me if I saw that thing in the seas I’d shit my self. Hopefully this full kraken release would come with more of a challenge then the previous floating tentacle version.

  3. A reason to explore. The fantastical world that is know as the sea of thieves has so many places to explore, but why would you do that when you could be ramming your brig full speed into a galleon. The world in this game has been handcrafted by Rare and I would hate to see it go to waste. Even something like increased chances of valuable drops or even the commendation system that come with the devils roar where you find an island and you get doubloons, just that could make the world all the more fun to profitable to be in. Even though I feel this game is more of an experience then a grinder, I still think that this system would encourage more exploration among the community.

  4. Artifacts These could be items you could find in the world that grant special powers to the users ship. They wouldn’t make anyone overpowered or better and you couldn’t keep it forever. Almost like the cursed cannonballs except they effect something else, like your top speed, turning rate, or the speed you pull up the anchor. You could equip one at a Time to prevent some creating a sloop that goes the speed of light or even just make it so it adds to one trait and makes another one worse.

  5. Singing shanties The lyrics to many shanties already exist within the world and maybe you could have a selectable voice to sing along with the songs. This would also satisfy my OCD, on galleons you have to double up on 1 instrument. Maybe more shanties to play could be added too such as we shall sail together and the song Jim sings in the forsaken shores trailer.

I know rare probably won’t see this but if you like these ideas (not mine in any sense) then let’s try to get them to the top

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