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The game is not dying

Sea of Thieves 8 - The game is not dying

Zylbrad got me pretty pissed when he said SOT is a dying game. In a nutshell, it isn't. If you liked SOT enough to be still playing While everyone else gets a boner for red dead, your not alone.

For awhile I worried about the future of the game, but yesterday I realized things have sort of leveled out. So we come up on a legend sloop and try to relieve him of his 10 or 12 chests. Long story short he fights us off and ends up getting away. We were 2 guys on a brig and he simply didn't let us on that boat or get cannon shots. He was REALLY good.

We come up on another brig at anchor in smuggler's bay. At first we thought, yay, more noobs to rob. They weren't noobs. Its been about a month since I've been shat on like this. They sank us with a ballast ball and killed my crewmate in probably around 30 seconds, while I was stupidly trying to keep the two that were below deck trying to fix holes busy. They fought like fu*king animals.

My crewmate bi*ched the entire night after this, saying all the players left were legends and the game was gunna be a thing of the past soon. I disagree.

The SOT community has matured for the most part as players. the servers are staying full, and the players that stayed have a passion for the game so it makes sense they've gotten good at pvp and probably a host of other things that take skill in the game.

In conclusion I think SOT has a very bright future and I don't have much to complain about. I would love some more new boats though.


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