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The Great Pursuit

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Yesterday was a beautiful day. Finally, my crew found a worthy opponent. This is a story of a bit of fighting and (not-so-much) dirty tricks.

My crew of 2 was clearing a fort. Everything was fine until a pirate legend ship showed up on the horizon. We noticed them too late and we had made a grave mistake to put lots of TNT on the shore next to our ship, so it was very easy for them to get us sunk.

Well, we decided to come back to the fort and try to get the loot (and possibly sink legends) not for the sake of making their experience miserable but to prove ourselves that we can get that booty no matter what.

When we got to the fort, the skull in the sky already disappeared and the legends ship started to sail away. After a short discussion we decided to follow them – there's no possible way they loaded their ship with all the loot, so either have the BEST pieces or the key to the fort. Well, Legends accepted the offer of fight and after couple exchanges of cannonballs and anchor drops we came out victorious this time. They had no loot, they had the key. The heart wanted to get that booty immediately but the brain wanted to be cautious. We decided to sail around the sea for a while, so they could lose our track. After 20 minutes of sailing we came back to the fort. No ships on the horizon, everything's clear. "What is that in the water? A mermaid? OH NO, THEY ARE UNDER THE WATER" my matey shouted and we pulled away. That was indeed a beautiful trap, worthy the best in these seas and we almost got caught.

It's been 30 minutes since pulled away from those damn shores. 30 minutes of constant pursuit. We had to come up with a plan. Fighting wasn't the option. My crew winning tactics stands upon excessive usage of TNT and we had only 1 barrel – just in case. The idea showed up when we got next to the big island – hide the key and pretend we DCed or drag the enemy to the red waters. My matey jumped into the water with the key, while I was sailing away… 5 minutes later I heard almost sobbing voice in my headset: "I lost it. A shark got me". I immediately turned the ship back to the isle. The legend ship was still on our brigs' tale. Thankfully, my partner remembered approximate location of the key, so immediately after I saw something in the water, I dived in. The luck of the Athena was upon us, it was indeed a skeleton key. I managed to sneak to the island underwater and hide the key, while watching the legend ship keep following our brig.


I died on the isle to get back to my comrade but immediately after, our hearts skipped a bit. The legends turned back to the isle I just had hid the key at. We thought, it might be a bluff. If we came back for them – it would mean we hid the key there, so we decided to accept the risk and sail to the edge of the sea. We stopped next to the red waters. Legends ships pulled away from the shores and moved towards us. After some time, they stopped, keeping their distance. Well, it's time for our final trick. We scuttled our ship and dived under water, so they would never see us taking the mermaid. My partner said, they dropped sails immediately after they saw our ship go down. It was indeed a good sign.

Immediately after we respawned, we changed our hull, flags, clothes, everything. We were at the same region as the fort was, so we decided to take the voyage to kill some time before we come back for the key. 15 minutes later a very familiar ship passed us, moving towards that damn fort. They never recognized us, and didn't attack this time, so we pretended we were new to the game – and followed them as "You are legends, you can help us get some gold!"

They stopped at the fort. We stopped next to them. Their ship began to sink. Why though? We couldn't understand that move. 10 seconds later a TNT barrel blew up underneath us and took the very last legend and my crewmate (the legend was alone on his ship this time) to the ferryman. My matey asked him, why would he do such a thing to us, and the response was "I'm going to DC, I didn't want to let that TNT go to waste".

We came back to our fortress key later. It was still there, they never found it. This was a great duel of skill and mind. And so was the fort loot we got after.

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