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The Lost Archipelago map Expansion idea

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I got some feedback on the last Post I made so this is basically a re-done concept idea post.

Lost Archipelago:

The Lost Archipelago is a series of islands all located around the South of the Map, these islands are small and some have overgrown temples. These temples can be looted for some chests but beware that right below your feet lie slumbering skeletons that you might accidentally wake up! There is one outpost in the Northern part of the Lost Archipelago, it has everything a conventional outpost may need!

The main attraction to the Archipelago is Sunken Enclave. On this island there are hordes of skeletons guarding a temple at the center of the island, you could also loot the ancient civilization's huts and towers for well, less valuable items. There's just one problem… The island… is not really there. The island remains sunken until a brave adventurer swims down to it and turn the wheel at the center of the island. only then will it resurface, and the skeletons will be unleashed…


If you simply wish to sail peacefully through these waters, think again, or just watch your ladders. Sunken Skeletons will rise from the deep and attempt to overtake your ship when it is slow or anchored. If they succeed at Taking over your ship, they'll start beating holes in your hull until it sinks. Be ready to either guard your ship, or be quick enough to escape the Sunken hordes.

I have a lot of ideas for this expansion and I will provide any details if needed!

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