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The Meg should not spawn with the skeleton ships

Desktop 06.11.2017 1024x576 - The Meg should not spawn with the skeleton ships

It seems that every time my crew (Brigantine w/3) gets on to get the skeleton ships, we load up full of supplies and barrels and head off. Usually encountering the meg 3-4 times before even getting to the ship spawn.

Then when we do get to the spawn as soon as the ships spawn, here comes another meg. We've tried avoiding attacking the meg, killing her during the skelly fight, leading her or the ship away from each other to kill them separately, nothing seems to work.

Eventually at some point in the battle meg screws us. Last time we ran out of planks from all of the meg bites and getting sails locked, we bailed without planks and continued the battle for a good 20-30 minutes before meg knocked us off the ship and it sank.


The most recent attempt we got put to sleep and then meg knocked us off the ship and since we didn't die, couldn't swim to our boat nor could we get a mermaid to spawn, it sank. We had a FULL ship at that point with 20 explosive barrels. We even had another ship there with us, but they sunk before we got back.

It's incredibly annoying to try and attempt these events in the limited time windows and then to have basically another event spawn on top of it and ruin it. I know we could do this event, without an Alliance, if we didn't have to deal with her too. It completely ruins the fun.

I understand it's too late for any changes to occur in Cursed Sails, but please Rare do not allow this to happen in future events. Additionally the Meg spawns way too much as it is, we shouldn't be seeing her 3-4 times in different locations in an hour.

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