Sea of Thieves

The most fun I’ve had since day one.

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I read about the sadness and the salt a lot here. The griefers and legends, I see the “hey look at me” posts and pic after pic of decks covered in treasure. I’ve lost hours worth of loot because of other pirates. I’ve been griefed a few times with an empty hull.

But today’s voyage was different.

My teammate (let’s call him Snaz) and I just wrapped up a rather long gold hoarder voyage, dropped off our loot and decided to do something different and engage in some pvp action.

Something we normally avoid if possible.

We loaded up with supplies and headed out, deciding we would only hunt galleons and leave sloops alone or possibly attempt to befriend them. We spotted a couple sloops here and there, waved and flashed lights as we passed, cannons up no problems.

And then we spotted it, a single sloop desperately heading towards an outpost with a galleon in hot pursuit. “SLOOP BROTHERS UNITE!!!” I yelled into my headset, which scared my dog and prompted sideways glances of confusion from the wife ? The other sloop saw me coming at an intercept course and we both turned to face the galleon.

In those few precious moments, as our sloops closed the distance, I remember it being peacefully calm. I scanned the horizon and noticed the way the sunshine breaks through the surface of the waves as if going for a swim, the beauty as the sun lazily set in the distance to sleep behind a mountainous island.

The sound of Snaz loading the cannons brought me back a split second before the seas peacefulness was interrupted as the air was filled with cannon fire and splintering wood. The calm waves provided little nuisance to all deck gunners, few shots missed their mark, as both sloops circled the beast firing between making repairs and bailing water. Finally our persistence paid off as the galleon and her crew were sent to meet Davey Jones. Loot was divided and stories shared as we all sailed back to the nearest outpost.

But it doesn’t end there. (Oh just finish reading the story, you’ve come this far and I bet half of you are on the toilet anyways ?)


Having sold our spoils we were about to part ways but spotted the same galleon on a return course. We hastily divided our gunpowder stores between us and once again prepared for battle.

They were more prepared for a fight this time.

Cannon fire once again erupted as we begun our dance of destruction. Sloop brushing along sloop as we passed in long, lazy circles around the galleon crew, who I might add were hurling obscenities faster then cannon balls ?, but who also must have had Noah himself on board for she just wouldn’t go down.

“it’s time to blow something up” flashes up in the top left of the screen. And for a moment, the cannon fire stopped. Smoke cleared, as another galleon came around an island we were fighting next to.

Fortunately for us all, this crew was full of fresh faced sailors, greedy for loot. I say this because they opened fire on EVERYTHING, my sloop, our friendly sloop, the other galleon, hell, they even shot up the outpost ?

Our battle stopped as all three ships turned their attention to the new interloper. Sloops both firing from a slight distance while the galleons continually rammed each other and began to sink as cannonball after cannonball repeatedly smashed into their hulls.

Tactics switched from cannons to repelling those trying to board. Small arms fire rang out from above and below until all but one enemy was left. Out of ammo, and bananas he decided not to pursue our ships and instead, started swimming towards his mermaid. We sailed back to the outpost wondering if he heard us tell him there’s two sharks between him and his escape. Oh well.

Docked at an outpost, divided the spoils, about 5,000G for all. Drinks were had at the tavern, kind words were shared. Ways were parted.

Even in a Sea of Thieves, you can find friends ?

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