Sea of Thieves

The problem with a certain fruit

Sea of Thieves 6 - The problem with a certain fruit

Hello SoT Community,
Hello people from Microsoft and Rare,

I'd like tell you a story of a dear mate of mine. She is a really wholesome person that unfortunately suffers of a incalculable problem. Her name is Anita and she will never be able to play this beautiful game in it's current state.Why, did you ask? She has all the things you need to play a videogame; hands,fingers, even eyes! She also has a decent computer and enough free memory to shovel those mass of gigabytes on her harddrive. Anita is not disabled nor lacks any cognitive features required to use a computer. What is the problem then? The thing that hinders her to play Sea of Thieves is one simple thing: the yellow fruit with high amounts of potassium, the only healing item in this game!She has tourettes syndrome and the appearance of the fruit – not just seeing, even hearing it's name, will cause her to tic. Tic's aren't nessesary harmful but in this special case it can really be a health issue for her. Because of a autoimmune disorder, over-ticing can hurt her throat and even cause her to vomit blood. If you are curious, how this tic can look like, i link you a twitch clip here: (Strong language warning) Clip. < if this is not allowed here, please tell me or just remove the link 🙂 thanks.


Not every person that suffers tourettes will have this tic, not even everyone has vocal tics. Many people's tourettes expresses itself in motor tics (splash-like movements of muscles). So the apperance of the fruit doesn't make the game unplayable for every tourettes person. The probability of someone else having that exact same tic is in fact incredibly low.

Maybe you are getting curious now and inform yourself about tourettes syndrome. The best outcome of this would be the addition of alternative health items or even the removal of the "forbidden fruit" but I think that will never happen. Just wanted to tell you a strange story of a beautiful and awesome person.

Thanks for your time!

Picture of todays session and the censored fruit

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