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The Skeleton Thrones solve the problems of the Hungering Deep

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In HD the emotional payoff and sought after cosmetics are tied to the final stage of a long (compared to voyages) quest, you have to beat the meg to truly get the best from the patch and if you didn't you left disappointed that you missed a key part of the content. Skeleton Thrones doesn't function like that and there's a few reasons why its going to be better because of it:

1) The emotional payoff happens 5 times even if you only go for the small thrones, so solo players or crews that don't want to co-op will still get to feel like they achieved something when the event ends.

2) You will get 1 of 2 titles and most likely be able to afford 2 of 3 cosmetics for the 5 small thrones (which really means you just have to decide if you want a coat or a dress), and if you find all five small thrones you will probably only need to co-operate with another crew for one large throne to get all 3 cosmetics.


3) The short repeated gameplay loop of the the event means crews will most likely be more willing to help out even if they've done it before. It's not a huge commitment of resource gathering and combat like the meg fight was.

Skeleton Thrones are a middle ground that really fixes the flaws of the Hungering Deep while still encouraging and incentivising co-operation between crews!

EDIT: You will be able to buy 2 of the 3 cosmetics with solo thrones as they are 8 each for 40 in total, but will need 2 of the large thrones to get all 3 cosmetics.

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