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The State of SoT

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This may be an unpopular opinion and I understand a lot of people are not going to agree but…

I am very happy with the state of the game.

Let me explain. We have known what this game is going to be for a long time. Way before the official launch. The developers have been very upfront about what their intentions are and where they want to take the game in the future. They have been consistent with updates, keeping the community informed, all while looking to the future.

A lot of people seem to believe that this game lacks content. Although I don't disagree with the statement fully…I do believe those people are missing what this game is really about. This game isn't about the grind…it is about the pirates that you have with you on your pirate adventure. The content of the game will always be unique because we make the content. We make the stories.


Personally, I have had more fun playing this game than most other games I have ever played. I have mentioned this before, but it is worth mentioning again. This game takes me back to when I was a kid and I would invite my buddies over to play video games in my basement. The games back then were very limited in what they could do. There was not much content. There was not much character progression…but we didn't care! We played for hours. Laughing our asses off as we just sat there and played over and over again. The reason I play video games today is because of my childhood experiences.

Modern games have lost their soul. How many AAA titles have we played recently that release and if you want DLC you have to pay. They are filled with microtransactions! SoT might not be like most modern games…and I am okay with that. They have developers that love the game and the community. You know they love it because they play it. I know SoT isn't the only game out there that bucks the system of modern day video games, but they are the only ones out there that do it in pirate fashion.

Keep up the great work Rare. Keep up the great work community to keep pushing Rare to help make this game what we all know it can be.

Try to have less salt and more grog.


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