Sea of Thieves

The tale of The Unsinkable II, the curse-ed crew, and The Hungering Deep

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 3 1920x1080 1024x576 - The tale of The Unsinkable II, the curse-ed crew, and The Hungering Deep

Alrighty ya scurvy seadogs! Let me tell you a tale of The Unsinkable II and its one man crew….

I be just coming back to an outpost with me small (The Unsinkable II) sloop filled with booty from a hard days worth of treasure hunting. When from behind the island a huge ship, EIGHT CANNONS and filled with a cutthroat crew, reveals itself and sets course right for me!

I turn the Unsinkable II straight into the breeze knowing that their sails will slow them down and they may give up the pursuit, but alas it does nothing of the sort.

They follow me, slowly losing ground but never more than one mistake from boarding The Unsinkable II, cutting me throat, and stealing me hard fought booty! I check The Unsinkable II… "DARN!" there be no gunpowder barrels on board but I am still pulling away, but never out of sight.

But then….. The wing changes.

Before I know it they're gaining on me, all the time spent getting away from them has been undone like poor knot. I have to think fast, I've but one choice… board their ship!

With my cutlass and blunderbuss at my hip, I dive into the bottomless blue, hoping a shark doesn't come up from behind me or a monster from below, I swim. I make it aboard their ship and kill two before dropping their anchor and turning them the wrong way. The other crew rally and I have to dive overboard to save me skin.

Back on The Unsinkable two I make a break for the closest outpost to cash in me reward. But the wind, she be a cruel bi*ch, turns again pushing the galleon and it's crew to me faster than I can believe. With their cannons primed and their crew filled with a lust for gold and a flamed want for revenge, a single slither of hope accidentally sails out into the fray.

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Another Sloop.

I turn hard them, breaking away from the Galleon and only taking one cannon to the port side. Maybe this Sloop can help me turn the odds on this macabre ship of sails and slaughter. But no, the coward bastard attempts to turn tail and flee but is quickly struck down by the Galleon and it's merciless crew. I use this to me advantage and try to get to another Outpost, heading into the wind.

It all but works, but the wind has other ideas.

Quick as you like the Galleon is on me again, closing fast. I have to try again to drop their anchor and escape, all my gold and my life depend on it. I leap into the soggy blue and make it onto their ship, as I climb I hear a scream….. "THE HUNGERING DEEP!!!"

I turn to see not just a shark, but the shark of stories, it's bigger than the Galleon, it's green eyes look right through me as it charges for the ship. I drop their anchor just as the beasts jaws crush down on the ship.

I leap off turning back to see the monster circle and strike at the ship again.

Back at The Unsinkable II I sail as fast as the winds will let me to the nearest Outpost and cash in me gold, head to the tavern and tell me tale over a tankard of grog..

Thus ends the tale of The Unsinkable II and it's brush with the curse-ed crew and the Hungering Deep.

Happy Sailing ye scurvy dogs!

This was, to date, the best experience I have had with this game and I loved every moment of it. This kind of experience is exactly what this game was made to produce. Thanks Rare!

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