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The Thieves Gauntlet(Galleon vs Galleon Tournament) May 11th @ 8PM & 12th @ 3PM EST

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The Thieves Gauntlet

What is it

The Thieves Gauntlet is something never seen before on the Sea of Thieves and is a community related event looking to bring people together competitively. TTG will be a place that Sloop and Galleon crews can face off in 1v1 Ship Battles working their way up the tournament ladder. There will be seasons and each season every crew is wiped of their previous season score and can choose to face off again. By the end of a season there will the first place champions all the way down to the first match losers.


Right now it's more of a fun event for the community with the winners getting Chests, Skulls or Merchant Alliance loot. Season 1 will have no monetary rewards as this is going to be where we "test the waters" of what people like and what people don't. The more people that enter in for Season 1 will give us the chance to take the idea further and possibly give better rewards in the future.

How to Join

The only requirement to join is to have a 4 man crew ready to play at the time of your match. You can register on the Darkblade Army Community Discord in The Thieves Gauntlet Registration Channel. You can also contact Lukian#3948 or CaptanBlueBeard#3490 on Discord!


Broken rules will result in being disqualified and/or being banished from participating in future tournaments. Being the first tournament, rules are subject to change if a situation calls for it.

  • Last Ship standing wins. Once a ship is sunk, the match is over.
  • No stream sniping of any kind is allowed.
  • Leaving boundaries for an extended amount of time will result in being disqualified.
  • Any player apart of a defeated crew will not be allowed to join other crews further in the Tournament.
  • No Toxicity, Griefing or BMing of any kind. (Pirate Speak is encouraged.)
  • No Third-Party Software, Monitor Crosshairs, anything that would give players an unfair advantage against another crew.
  • Any outside ship/crew that attempts to interrupt a match will cause a match restart and everyone will focus sinking them. Community above all else.
  • All crews are restricted to using Front and Back sail during matches. Using the middle mast could result in being disqualified.

Additional Information


In the event of a stalemate, Sudden Death: all planks and bananas will be removed from play, cannonballs will be given if needed, and the fight will resume from the anchored position until one ship is sunk. Ship colors will be pre-determined, Crew customization is completely crew choice. This is just for host/shout casting clarity. Supplies will be: 45 Cannon Balls, 15 Planks and 30 Bananas. As well as a full inventory for each crew member. There will be Gunpowder Barrels set up around the arena for crews to pick up throughout the match. Registrations will close on Thursday, May 10th at 12AM EST and tournament brackets will be posted for all crews to see. Matches will be on Friday, May 11th at 8PM EST and Saturday, May 12th at 3PM EST.

Contacts & Links

Lukian's Discord – Lukian#3948

Lukian's Stream –

Captain BlueBeard's Discord – CaptanBlueBeard#3490

Captain Bluebeard's Stream –

Darkblade Army Discord For News & Updates –

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