Sea of Thieves

The true confessions of a habitual stowaway.

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Maybe it's because I played the alpha test from the very beginning, or maybe because I usually play by myself, but I've found the most fun when I see how long I can last as a stowaway on someone's ship.

I will usually do a voyage or two to see who's out and about as well as get some gold for the day. Once that's turned in is when I go to work.

If there's a skull fort going on, I usually cruise by there and jump on the galleon that is no doubt clearing it out. I will get all cozy in one of my hiding spots and just wait and listen. Sometimes I can see where everyone is, sometimes I can't. I will hitch a ride back with them to wherever they are going, listening to their every move.

So far, I have seen a crew store 10 gunpowder barrels in the captains quarters. That could have been easy, but I let it be. No sense in screwing over someone when all I've heard them talk about was school and relationship problems. He had it bad enough, didn't need to make it worse.


Most of the time, when I've had enough voyeurism, I will drink my grog and wander dunkenly from my hiding spot to the deck, playing bad music. I've only been welcomed once. Most of the time I get shot and get a message asking how long I'd been there. Only once have I escaped via cannon.

So far, ive only done it to see how long I can stay undetected, and to see what small things I can get away with. So far I have turned off lower deck lights, rearranged skulls on the shelf in the captains quarters, and removed markers on the map.

I'm sure I will progress more mischievious things like throwing treasure overboard. It's only the natural progression of things.

TL;DR check your boats for stowaways.

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