Sea of Thieves

The Wilds need an Atmosphere Overhaul

Sea of Thieves 9 - The Wilds need an Atmosphere Overhaul

It’s no secret that The Wilds is the least favorite region for a lot of players. I think the biggest problem for this area is the daytime atmosphere. (With that I only mean the daytime; sunrises/sunsets and nights are completely fine)

I know that the dark greenish tint is supposed to make the area look dangerous but honestly, it simply looks more depressing than the other areas. I think that if the colors of the daytime were altered, The Wilds could become a much more appealing area to sail in. By that I don’t mean that it should look like the Shores of Plenty/Ancient Isles, but rather it should move away from the green tint that’s going on at the moment.

My Idea

The colors and sky that are present at sunrise (in The Wilds) should be applied to the daytime aswell. The water could also be changed to have a color palette that goes from dark blue/petrol blue to a very dark blue (almost black) color instead of the green color tint, plus more foamy waves. The green/grey daytime fog should be changed to either the fog that’s present at sunrise (light grey) or perhaps a slightly blueish color (see Picture 1). I think the cloud coverage is great and suits the area really well.


What I'm trying to do is to remove the elements that seem to bother people the most while still remaining the feel of a wild and untamed ocean – the characteristic that this region is supposed to have.

Pictures / Examples

Example for Water Color/Fog Color/Sky Color (Photo by Giga Khurtsilava on Unsplash)

Example for Water Color (Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

Of course, as much as I'd like to, I can't actually see for myself how these changes would look ingame. I hope some of you share the same opinion as me though.

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