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There are no quick games

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Jumped on thinking I'd get a sloop on my own, get one voyage and be done in 15 minutes.

So I get a voyage and it's a single skeleton captain a couple of islands over, no biggie.

On the way I spot some birds, must be a shipwreck, not much out of the way infact I can use it to tack the wind so will actually sail to my island faster. Stop off, jump down and it's a single skull, ok of to the island to get my bounty.

Pull up pretty close to land and jump ashore, music starts straight away and up pop the skeletons. Kill some and run around the corner to get some more, come back to get some ammo to find my boat listing severely, I'd hit land and not noticed!

Dive in to rescue my shipwreck skull and hide it near some rocks.

Luckily I'm on the island with the jetty that has ammo on so I figure I'll stick around and complete the captain then come back for my skulls Lucky there is extra ammo as the last round of skeletons is 4 blunderbus guys.


That's all good, hide both skulls, go to mermaid, respawn a couple of islands away and sail back to get my loot – still there, yes!

Look up nearest outpost and set sail but on the way see more birds! must be another shipwreck. Yep it's a long way down, so far that a swim down and straight back up has you struggling for air but I mange to secure spices and a captain's chest from it.

Finally on my last bit of voyage to turn in my wares, about 3,000 gold which is a decent amount of bounty to end on, but looking at the clock I've been on an hour – turns out there are no quick games in Sea of Thieves.

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