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There’s a problem with scuttling beached ships

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I was unaware of this until last night, so if this is something old, feel free to point out in 50 comments below. Last night I was playing with my brother, and we were approaching an outpost. We reached out and said we were friendly but remained cautious. They fired themselves over in a cannon, killed us both, and beached our ship. After a respawn or two we decided we were tired of this loop, as we were clearly outmatched and they wanted to get a rise out of us. My bro and I scuttle the ship on the ferry, and then go respawn again…on the same ship. It was filled to the brim, but was beached so thoroughly it couldn't sink, and therefore our respawn point would never change (as far as I understand). Therefore we had to give in even more to what the trolls wanted and had to quit the game and restart. Did I mention we only had two seafarer's chests and they were Pirate Legends?


Now I am all for PvP – I don't have a problem with them opening fire and attacking. Never trust a pirate and all that. I do have a problem, however, with people who have to suck others people fun so they can feel any sense of enjoyment. And if I want to avoid those people, I should be able to scuttle my ship with a guarantee that I can spawn somewhere else to continue my adventure. I'd like to suggest that as soon as you vote to scuttle your ship, your next respawn should be at your new ship, regardless of how much your old ship has sunk. That might create a weird visual issue for those watching the scuttling, but I'd rather see the man behind the curtain and be able to avoid trolls than have a seamless game experience ruined by others. If I'm wrong about the scuttling I do apologize, but even so I would still like a faster transition to my new ship so I can get back to having fun as soon as possible. (Another note: obviously the people that find fun in trolling won't change, but I would argue new content at least distracts them for a bit. Another, much larger solution would be to add more to do for Pirate Legends so they stop getting bored and resorting to as*hole tactics.) Thanks for listening.

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