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Things not to do in Sea of Thieves:

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So I see a lot of people still making absolutely fundamental errors in their sailing, and as such, wanted to put together a brief outline of do not's if you want to have a better chance of success in your endeavours:

  • Treasure does not go in the Captain's Cabin. It is the first place everyone goes to loot you, and has a literal drop off point right next to it. You are basically giving people the easiest place on your ship to rob you, and hide from you. If you are not confident, put some crappy treasure in the cabin, like a Seafarers chest and a basic skull. This makes people think that's all your loot, when the gleaming gold skulls and captains chest are safely tucked away below.

  • The ships have a few good places for loot, and if you stack it all inside itself, you minimise risk of people spotting it while boarding you. A good place is behind the middle staircase, or to the left or right of the bottom staircase. Make it hard for people to pick up and run with. Put the loot in the crows nest if you feel confident about shooting people off the ladder. Remember, as soon as they hit the top, they have your loot and can jump into the sea freely.

  • If you don't have at least one person assigned to sails during a chase, you are going to lose. Wind direction and full sail are the 2 factors in outrunning a chaser, or catching up with a chasee.

  • You do not ever need 4 people on the island. 1 person should ALWAYS be on your ship, managing the sails, setting up for the next part of your journey by raising the anchor, directing them into the wind, turning the ship, and keeping look out for potential mobile loot boxes (other ships).

  • Ramming a ship is one of the quickest and simplest ways to sink someone. Have one person on the wheel, 2 people ready to board, and 1 person on repairs. The shock and awe of a ram gives you time to clean them out. Double points for ramming with a barrel on the bow. Blowing it up over their deck usually nets you 2-3 kills. Remember that you are putting 4-5 holes in their ship with your side on ram, when they are only putting 1 in yours in return.

  • Sinking a ship is super easy, if you have someone on their ship preventing repairs. Let them think you aren't there, and go back to repairing, when you can shoot them in the back.

  • Speaking of boarding, if you have a ship full of enemies, drop the anchor. If you have killed everyone, turn that wheel into a rock, island or even another ship if you feel extra cheeky. Stopping them from recovering is always your goal, never over shoot cannonballs, or you are just wasting your time.

  • I expect people to argue with this point, but aim for the same place you shot in the ship. High chance someone is going to be behind that hull patching it up and you can kill them if you hit them head on with the cannonball.

  • When you are approaching a fight, aim low to put holes in the hull, and when up close, aim for the deck. Everyone usually musters on deck to prepare for boarding. A cannonball shot can blow them all into the water, or even kill them if they aren't spamming bananas.

  • Go for the resources first. Take their bananas, planks and cannonballs. Attrition is always going to be your best friend. If they run out of materials before you, it's only a matter of time before they sink.

  • Opening the fort is absolutely your lowest priority in Skull Fort combat. Getting the key back on your ship after the captain dies is highest priority. You are in no rush to pull the loot out, instead your goal is to ensure a clean getaway. Always do a final check on the horizon for incoming ships before popping open the door, and ALWAYS check behind the rocks nearby for sneaky ships. You can moderately bank on the combat calming once the key is picked up, as the skull will disappear and any ships not already within your visual range will be reloading for a new server and a new fort, or just going back to doing voyages. Either way, don't make it super obvious when you return to a fort for the loot. Remember that a lot of players stock up on barrels at forts.

  • Speaking of Fort Keys, you can do so many things with a key to confuse people. They expect you to keep it on the ship, and thus will usually follow you out to sea, and won't be paying attention to who is jumping off the front of it. If you feel confident, leave one person on the ship, while 3 of you jump off near a large passing island with the key, hideout in a cave and bodyguard the keyholder. Don't drop it too much though as that tiny thing can fall through terrain. Remember, just think about what your enemy is doing, and do the opposite. If they chase, stay behind, if they stay behind, run away with it. The key is always your goal, and getting people away from it is your key to success.

  • Often, combat is not taking place on a ship or on land, but in water, which is why I recommend a pistol over the silly Blunderbuss. Usually when I see someone pull out the Blunderbuss, I assume they are bad, as in the time it takes them to miss one shot, I can be slicing them up with my sword, and if we fall in the sea, they are sitting ducks for a pistol shot at mid to long range.

  • A well aimed sniper shot at a crows nest can give you the advantage of confusion, because that's where people store the explosives. Blow them up and you have a great few moments of recovery as the target team rage and scream at each other, or just get generally confused by why their crows nest just exploded.

  • Outposts are loot magnets. It's where the people go to hand in afterall, and if you feel patient enough, you can cover 1-2 outposts with your crew if you happen to miss the fort. Drop some people off, move your ship away, and wait it out. You MIGHT get lucky, and have the chance to sink a loot filled ship, if you are smart enough with the engagement (don't drop the anchor, you want that ship hitting the island and filling with holes, or you know, take an explosive barrel from their crows nest).

I guess the overall point is be unpredictable. Confuse people, outplay them, watch how they interact with each other and pick out the weaker crew members. There is always an obvious solution, just take a minute to see what options you have available.

Some of the best moments I have had in this game have come from outplaying and out-thinking the enemy. Even if it takes an hour to loot the fort, it's the hilarious and successful plans you execute on the way that leave you with a story to tell. No one is interested in "this one time, I looted a fort", but people are up for hearing about the time you pushed 2 Galleons into a forced combat, lined the water with explosives while you made off with a skull fort key they earned, in your 1 man sloop.

Patience, and observation, pirates, and you will get your gold.

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