Sea of Thieves

This game is amazing and the players are great!

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Last night was my third time playing, and I'm almost half decked out in the Executive Admiral garb. While most of the players will shoot first and ask questions later, quite a few of you are in this for the fun, and I can respect that.

I loaded up the game today to spend last night's cut of the treasure, and maybe pick up a couple of black powder kegs to sell to the merchants, and only ran across two other boats. The first, after I picked up a couple of barrels and stopped at a sunken ship off the cost of an outpost. The dude sailed up, and dropped anchor as my sloop had just sunken in the storm while I was underwater. I boarded, waved, and tried to make friends, but as soon as I turned my back, he shot at me. So, I took the fight to the water, shot him dead, and when he spawned back in I took a powder keg to his shipman's wheel just for good measure.


BUT the second came after I had sold two kegs to the merchants, and sank my sloop (my groups' tradition after a night of piracy.) I stood on the pier playing "Becalmed" on my new admiral's hurdy-gurdy as the galleon came into port. I cried a manly tear. Two shipmates played backup on their concertinas as their crew sold their booty. I ended my song, and as they continued to play, I took my mug of grog and drank my way back to the bar. Their captain greeted me in the bar and dropped a Captain's Chest at my feet. I thanked him, vomited on the gold merchant, and played "Ride of the Valkyries" as they sailed off.

I cannot express how much fun this game is, due to the fact that nothing has to be taken seriously. If you get your booty stolen, or your ship sunk, none of it matters, you can just go and get more. The game is more about skill with the play style, and not about supping up to have the best DPS or KDR.

This is what multiplayer should be. I could spend all day just hanging with friends and friends yet to be met, and not have to have the anxiety that my lack of talent or player level is keeping my teammates from having as much fun as they can. We make our own fun.

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